Health Benefits of Cherries

Some Awesome Health Benefits of Cherries You Must Know

Cherry remains on top of choice for every fruit lovers. They are highly available and are delicious. But you might always suspect if the cherries are good for health? The answer is a thousand times Yes. They are not only the healthiest fruits but also rank as one of the most health-protective food items also. Eating cherries are powerful as around one cup of them contain around 100 calories which is 15% of the daily Vitamin C requirements.  Apart from it, there are various other reasons for which it should be eaten. Let’s peek at some awesome health benefits of cherries which are important for your health.

Health Benefits of Cherries: A Good Source of Antioxidants

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Cherries potentially contain a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. These cellular bodyguards slow down aging and ward off chronic illnesses—including heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and obesity. This property of being an antioxidant drives it differently to other such sources of Vitamin C.

Prohibition Against Diabetes

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The property of cherries of being anti-inflammatory helps in keeping the body safe and healthy. Apart from these, they rank lower than many other fruits on the glycemic index. It means that they do not trigger spikes and crashes in the blood sugar and insulin levels. This property plays an important role in being protective against diabetes. It manages the condition of diabetes if you are already carrying it.

Cherries Promote Healthy Sleep

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Cherries are highly important fruits containing food sources such as melatonin, a ready hormone which helps control the sleep cycles. One study in men and women with insomnia found that compared to a placebo, eight ounces of tart cherry juice in the morning and again one to two hours before bed increased sleep time by an hour and 24 minutes. In another study, it was found that if you sleep tight and with sound nature, you tend to lose all the fatigue you incurred throughout the day. So, opting for cherries can have a lasting impact on the body as well as on mind to keep healthy in both ways.

Cherries are Wonderful for Arthritis Patients

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The major health benefits of cherries include its impact on the Arthritis Patients. Some of the studies conducted by Centers for Disease control reveal the excellent impacts of cherries for osteoarthritis sufferers. If you consume cherries on a regular basis or 100% cherry juice into the meal or snack, it could help cure the joint pains easily and give comfort.

Cherries Lower the Risk of Gout Attacks

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Another important benefit of cherries includes the risk of gout attacks which increase with consumption of cherries on a regular basis. As per the statistics, more than eight million adults in the United States suffer from Gout. This inflammatory arthritis is triggered when a waste product called uric acid crystallizes within the joints, causing excruciating pain and swelling. In one study, gout patients who consumed cherries for just two days (both the fresh fruit, as well as cherry extract and juice) showed a 35% lower risk of gout attacks compared to those who did not eat cherries.

Cherries Help curb Cholesterol

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The Health Benefits of Cherries include its impounding impact on cholesterol levels in the body. some research and subsequent studies have proven that drinking tart cherry juice helps lower the levels of cholesterol including the bad LDL. That’s key because every 1% reduction in cholesterol lowers the risk of heart disease by 2%. And a high LDL is particularly worrisome in relation to heart attack risk.


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