Cure Scoliosis with Non-Surgical Remedies

How to Cure Scoliosis with Non-Surgical Remedies

Scoliosis is a kind of disease where the spine of the humans’ curve abnormally. This ailment is mainly a birth defect but can have lasting impacts as well. Adults too can have this problem as well and develop in the growing stages between 10 and 15 years of age. Some cases can be detected even earlier and during the childbirth too and can be seen with some physical appearances as well. In the starting, it only affects the physical appearances but later tends to have severe implications on the posture. Doctors often suggest surgery to get rid of scoliosis but there are other ways also. In this blog, check the simplest of the ways to cure Scoliosis with non-surgical remedies.

What Actually happens in the case of Scoliosis?

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It is basically a spine curve where the spine takes a shape of ‘C’ or ‘S’ instead of being straight when you look from the behind. There might be uneven back and shoulder and looks to be leaning on to one side. The hip and the shoulder might look to stick out and most adults experience severe back pain also. The major reason to that is the birth defect, infections, abnormal growth or diseases such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid disease as well as neuromuscular diseases. So, if you notice such signs in the infants and the children, you must see a doctor immediately.

If it is left untreated for long, the spinal curve might worsen as the child finds growth. The deformity will increase, and the mobility of the child will decrease causing pain. Even with some mild cases which require less or no treatment, it must be monitored regularly. Untreated cases might lead to numbness and tingling in the legs, severe back pain coupled with heart problems. While surgery can be a very reliable option for its cure, it might not always be required. There are various ways to cure Scoliosis with Non-Surgical Remedies if done properly. Check out some of them here.

How can we Cure Scoliosis with Non-Surgical Remedies?

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There are various treatment methods such as chiropractic treatment, therapeutic exercises, yoga, acupuncture and massage therapy which are non-surgical. Biofeedback technology and taking fish oil may ease the back pain with such conditions. Wearing a brace and the above methods should be used to effectively cure scoliosis.

Wearing a Brace

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For the growing children, the spinal curve may increase as the body develops but in adults and teenagers, the curve increases rapidly with 30-40 degrees. Larger curves over 40–50 degrees might keep growing, though at a very slow pace (about a degree every year). For growing children with a moderate curve, wearing a brace can help the condition from worsening. For every individual, the braces are different, and the doctors will prescribe the number of hours it needs to be worn.

Chiropractic Treatment

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This type of treatment relies mainly on the manipulation of the body structure, especially the spine to cure the issue. For people with scoliosis, chiropractic treatment can be a viable option. One research confirms that it helps in such conditions. Using chiropractic techniques thrice a week for 4 weeks in elementary school children resulted in a reduction in the Cobb angle, a measure of the degree of curvature of the spine.

Therapeutic Exercise Treatments

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Some research confirms that Therapeutic exercises can reduce the progress of scoliosis while also improving the Cobb angle. Mainly the effects are seen during the growing stages and hence Therapeutic treatments can be helpful. Exercises can improve mobility, strength, and balance. An exercise program for scoliosis will typically focus on posture and core strengthening and recovery of trunk alignment. Here are some exercises that you can try at home. You will, however, need to consult your doctor before starting any home exercise program.

Practice Yoga

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Yoga can answer to practically every problem also. The National Scoliosis Foundation also recommends yoga for curing scoliosis. The Yoga plays a vital role in lengthening and strengthening of the muscles that support the spine. Yoga will help ease the pain and tightness while improving the posture of the Spinal curvature. Be sure that you consult a good practitioner who can give great and expert advice on the yoga posture.

There are also various treatments to cure scoliosis with non-surgical remedies, which are –

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage Therapy
  • Fish Oil to Ease Pain
  • Biofeedback

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