Dental Care for Kids

Dental Care for Kids: How Should You Manage it?

It is very important that you give good care to your kids. Dental care tops the priority chart with the highest importance. It not only helps the child get brighter teeth every day, it inculcates a good habit in the child which they will carry throughout their lives. Hence, dental care for kids should start early with utmost importance adhered to it. Healthy teeth also carry away the burden of getting toothaches, cavities, swollen gums and loose teeth also. People with good dental care are often not affected by chronic illness such as heart and kidney diseases. So, with so many benefits around us, why should not we give importance to dental care. Check out the ways and means in which one should start the dental care for Kids while giving utmost importance to healthy teeth and gums.

Dental Care for Kids from Their Birth Onwards

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Most parents wait for the growth of their child’s teeth before starting the oral care, but they should not wait for that much as it tends to hamper the oral care. The oral hygiene should begin when they are some days old only. Try cleaning their mouth with wet gauze every time you feed them and put them to bed. If you don’t do that, the child’s mouth might develop some odor which you will not like at times.

Tell Your Child to Brush for 2 Whole Minutes Twice a Day

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If your child has grown teeth and is old enough to gargle and spit, you should help them in oil pulling as it removes debris and bacteria while also fights problems like tooth decay and gingivitis. It also detoxes the whole body from harmful bacteria. Use sesame or coconut oil and teach them to swish the oil and pull it between the teeth before spitting it out. They can start with a half a minute and work their way up to 5 minutes or more eventually. You should let your child brush for a whole 2 minutes before having breakfast and before going to bed. You should care that your child is using circular motions to brush and cleans the gums and tongue as well. Also, pay attention to the molars in the back as they are most likely to get cavities.

How Should You Choose a toothbrush for Your Kids?

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Choosing toothbrush for your kids can become a daunting task given the fact that they are not for adults. A soft-bristled toothbrush should be a fine choice for kids. Also, you should choose fluoride toothpaste as they tend to safeguard the tooth enamel. This is because babies younger than that may swallow the toothpaste and ingest excessive amounts of fluoride. Herbal toothpaste which contains beneficial plant extracts like neem which fights off oral pathogens is also a good option. Ayurveda recommends the use of neem chewing sticks as they are excellent in fighting bacteria and plaque formation. For children younger than 3, a rice grain-sized blob of toothpaste is sufficient. For older children use a pea-sized blob. And remember, your child’s toothbrush needs to be changed every 3 or 4 months.

Don’t Put Your Child To Bed With A Bottle Of Milk Or Juice

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Drinks and foods with sugar are broken down by bacteria present in the mouth, producing acid which eats away at the tooth’s enamel and causes cavities during this process. The longer your child’s teeth are in touch with sugary drinks like milk or juice, the greater the chances of getting a cavity. So, don’t put your child to bed with a bottle of milk or juice. This can lead to discolored pitted front teeth in babies – a condition is known as bottle mouth. In fact, experts suggest that babies should be taught to drink from a cup at around the age of 6 months and stop using a bottle altogether around 12 to 14 months of age.

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