Exercises for better sex life

5 Exercises To Improve Your Sexual Prowess

Stamina is a hot topic whenever it is related to men and sex. How good are you in bed is judged by your ability to stay energetic while your foreplay. In case, you find yourself lagging somewhere, even if your partner is not expressing the weak libido in open, it is highly recommended to get involved in some fitness routine to improve your sexual prowess. Yes, you heard it right. Exercise and gym moves can surely help you boost your energy and stamina that your partner is actually expecting from you. So, let’s get started and know what gym moves are we talking about and how it can help you stimulate your sex drive.

Gym Moves to Stimulate Your Sex Drive

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Let’s start with the basic one – walking. You can always give it a try but make sure the walking time is not less than 30 minutes. Plus, the pace should be quick enough to make some amendments to your normal sexual drive. Walking is the basic exercise that you can do to keep yourself refreshed, active all day long which in turn help you perform well in bed as well.


While walking keeps you active for a longer time, swimming does something extra. If you are involved in a swimming activity which is no less than 3 times a week, you are surely be having more endurance. And, as we know sex really test your endurance, swimming can help you pass on this test, efficiently and effectively.

Close-grip pushups

The pushup is one of the most common gym moves that you might have tried when you were in your high school. At that time, you might not have realized how essential it would be for your marital life. If you pay attention to details, you will realize that pushups actually help you gain arm strength which you can use to hold up the body of your partner during the sex. There are so many sexual moves that require great arm strength and here, the pushups do the wonder.

Kegel exercises

Kegels are a great way to strengthen your pelvic muscles, which further help you have a great sex. The kegel exercises not only improve your physical health, but they also help you be mentally strong. The feel-good hormones that are released during the exercise actually help to lift your mood. These hormones are linked to sexual arousal and pleasure.

Breath and stretch

If you want to have great sex, do involve you in some kind of breathing and stretching exercises. According to studies, men and women participated in at least 20 sessions of breathing and stretching exercises, have experience better sexual time in bed as compared to those who did not.

These are some of the exercises that boost your stamina and stimulate your sexual drive. Try to incorporate a few of them in your life and you will definitely see a positive response. Do share your thoughts with us. Drop your suggestions in the comment box and we will revert in no time.

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