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Types of Period Cramps That Are Not So Normal

Periods are normal but cramps do not. You may see changes in your menstrual cycle in terms of varied flow and that can be considered normal to some extent. However, when it comes to cramps or cramps without periods, you need to be alert as it may indicate the presence of some serious illness inside your uterus. Want to know what those signs are and how to catch the red signals at the early stage? Keep reading this post and learn it by yourself.

4 Types of Abnormal Period Cramps and How to Detect Them

Here’s a list of 4 abnormal cramps that may or may not follow a period:

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1. Painful period cramps and heavy flow

if you have a uterus fibroid, you may experience this kind of period cramps during your cycle. The reason of pain here would be the constant pressing of fibroid against your uterus wall. Though fibroids are more common in women of age group 30-40, it does not mean that it cannot happen to any other age group. To avoid a severe damage to your health, any abnormal cramps observed in a usual menstrual cycle should be noted seriously. Get it checked by a gynecologist to know the real cause of the pain.

2. Constant mild pain

This could be because of PID(Pelvic Inflammatory Disease). This normally happens when an STD remains untreated for a long time. You had unprotected sex with your partner, did not look for changes your body was trying to show, and you get PID. The pain arising from PID is not sharp or stabbing but it’s still uncomfortable. It can make your periods a matter of concern and hence, it’s not normal.

3. Sharp one-sided pain

Cramps resulting in one-sided pain indicates an ovarian torsion. This happens when a cyst tries to twist one of your ovaries. While twisting, the actual blood flow of the ovary starts getting hampered and it may make it stop functioning. We would not be wrong to say that you may become infertile because of the non-functioning ovary.

4. Cramps that are super-painful

Cramps are never uterus friendly. No matter what the intensity is, low, medium or high, cramps make our periods even worse and all women would agree on this part. However, we all have that potential to bare them unless or until the pain level is under our limits. But what if get to experience a period cramp which is super-painful? Well, in this case, your body will not give you a second chance to think as you will have to rush to the hospital. Extremely painful cramps are caused by a medical condition – endometriosis. It causes the uterine tissue to migrate to other organs such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes, where it adheres. With the passage of time, this tissue starts developing into a cyst which one day result in a series of extremely-painful cramps.

So, these were the four major types of period cramps that are not normal at all. Any sign or similarity to the above-mentioned points should be noted carefully and get checked by the doctor.

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