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About All Female OBGYN LLC

Historically, women did not have a choice of having an All Female OB/GYN clinic for their feminine health care. Now, Centreville, VA has just that for women who prefer having their gynecology handled by female physicians. All Female OB/GYN offers gynecology, women's prenatal care, and an obstetrician, all by a female gynecologist and an all female staff.

Dr. Khan is a reputable gynecologist who has lived and worked in the Centreville area for years, helping women of all ages to receive high quality feminine health care. Her OB/GYN practice sets the standard for "comprehensive and compassionate care, for women of all ages." No other OB/GYN practice in Centreville provides exclusive OB/GYN care for women.

You have access to exceptional medical care during your pregnancy, for routine OB/GYN care, and all other gynecology needs. Dr. Khan even performs ultrasounds and minor surgeries in her office with admitting privileges to Reston and Inova Hospitals.

Women physicians make up a greater percentage of gynecologists and obstetricians than ever before. Only All Female OB/GYN caters specifically to the desires of many women who feel much more at ease with a female obstetrician and gynecologist.

Now you can receive the type of feminine care that you have been looking for. Feel more comfortable when you need OB/GYN care by contacting All Female OB/GYN.


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