7 Side Effects of Sunscreen You Must be Aware of

Stepping out without sunscreen is not considered great for skin! None of us want to have even a bit of exposure to the Sun. We rely completely on Sunscreen whenever we step out.

We have often heard that exposure to Sun (UV rays) can cause skin cancer and so we use Sunscreen to avoid the risk. But, a few studies have shown that there are numerous side effects of Sunscreen.

Here are a few of those side effects of Sunscreen. Read below to find…

1.Interferes with Functioning of Hormones

It has been found that various ingredients of Sunscreen like oxybenzone, phthalates, and parabens can interfere with the normal functioning of hormones. Most commercial Sunscreens are made of these ingredients.

Studies have shown that adolescents using products that do not contain these compounds have comparatively cleaner and glowing skin. It was found that the level of chemical compound dropped to a considerable level in them.

So, be careful and use only the products on your skin that do not contain these chemicals. It will keep your skin healthier.

2. Causes Potential Cell Damages

All of the commercial sunscreens are inclusive of Oxybenzone, a chemical compound that is believed to absorb UV light. But, this chemical also causes cell damage.

It is believed to interfere with the DNA synthesis by inhibiting the growth of cells. And, this might result in causing genetic mutation.

In older women, oxybenzone is linked to endometriosis. And, women who have a high level of the compound during pregnancy carry lower birth weight daughters.

3. Supports the Growth Of Cancer Cells

These chemicals have been found to support the growth of cancer cells. It is due to the genetic mutation that results in the development of cancer cells.

4. Causes Breast Cancer

Benzophenones, the harmful chemicals present in the commercial Sunscreen can come up with the results similar to that of excess estrogen in the body. And, this can result in causing deadly diseases like breast cancer.

5. Cause Skin Tumors

Most of the skin care products contain Vitamin A Palmitate and Retinyl Palmitate. This is because it’s considered as an antioxidant that is believed to reduce aging. But, various researches done on rats have shown that treatment with vitamin A formulation topically causes faster development of skin tumors and lesions.

6. Worsens Acne

Use of Sunscreen can worsen the skin problem! The chemicals present can damage your skin to make acne worse. You can avoid the side effects of Sunscreen by using non-oily and non-comedogenic sunscreen. You should never use body sunscreen for the face because they are extremely heavy.

7. Sunscreen causes Eye Irritation

If you mistakenly get sunscreen in the eyes, it can cause irritation. This may result in causing your eyes to burn and become sensitive to light. There have been claims that sunscreen can also cause you to get blind.

If mistakenly sunscreen gets into your eyes make sure that you have washed it properly and rinsed with water or see a doctor.

There are way more side effects of using sunscreen than its benefits. So, we recommend the use of natural remedies for the health of your skin than chemicals.


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