Easy home remedies for treating insomnia

Are you not able to sleep properly at sleep? Not just a sleepless night but if you have not been able to sleep properly regularly then you might be insomniac. Many people face short term Insomnia and also confuse it with a common sleep disorder. On average an adult needs at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep without any disturbance. However, the amount of sleep a person needs varies from adults to kids. There are many ways by which you can treat insomnia. However, it is a chronic disease that can be cured with natural remedies too. Most of the people turn towards the over the counter medicines but nothing can beat the home remedies that have been used for ages in our society.


Not just any meditation but mindfulness meditation is considered to be the best for the people who face Insomnia. It includes slow and steady breathing while you sit quietly in a proper body posture. Once you start doing it on a regular basis you would feel your breath, body, feelings and different sensations as they occur in your body. It gives an insight into your body and every function that is happening in it. It has many kinds of benefits which include a good Lifestyle so that you can have a good sleep. The reason behind a good sleep after this exercise or meditation is because it reduces stress and helps in improving your concentration. Not that but it also Boosts Your immunity and eventually protects you from chronic diseases. If you don't like to meditate alone you can go for the group who do this every morning. Social media is a great way to interact with like-minded people and Going in a group not just helps in keeping your body healthy but will also help in keeping your mind happy.

Chanting mantras

Chanting mantras has a very positive effect on your mind. It does not just help in increasing your focus but also helps in keeping your mind calm. It has been proven by the researchers that the mantras promote the feeling of relaxation in your mind. There are many mantras online and in many languages that you can go through. You can settle down for a Mantra that will give you a more pleasing and coming effect. Every Mantra makes a sound and when you hymn that sound it promotes relaxation and you can easily go to sleep. However, there are few people who exceed the chanting of mantras and may start feeling ill. If you feel any illness or any negative effect due to chanting of mantras you can easily stop the practice and go to other home remedies for the cure.


Yoga is a cure for many illnesses. It is an Asian practice that is now being adopted by all around the globe. It has been known worldwide for the positive effects it has on a person’s physical functioning. Yoga not just helps in giving you a good sleep but also removes the stress and Boost Your mental abilities. There are different kinds of yoga poses that you can go for but one you should opt for Insomnia is something which relates to meditations or includes breathing work. Instead of choosing the poses that are more related to your physical flexibility you should opt for the poses that focus more on your mental abilities. You can go for restorative yoga which is a great option for the people suffering from insomnia. Once you start going for yoga you eventually would love to perform it and might even end up taking longer sections. However, at least 20 minutes of daily yoga is compulsory so that you can have a relaxing body and a relaxed mind. If you are not able to perform a certain yoga position then you should not force yourself in performing it. It has to be done with professionalism otherwise you could end up hurting yourself.

Taking help of aromatherapy

It is the best kind of therapy that you could use. Even if you do not plan on going for physical exercises for good sleep you can always turn towards aromatherapy for it. Lavender oil has always been used as a therapy even in ancient times, as it is one of the most soothing oil. You can add a lavender plant at your home or take some drops of lavender Essential oil in a cloth and keep it under your pillow. Even if you don't want to use it under your pillow or on your clothes you can simply get some drops of Lavender oil while you take a bath. When you take bath with essential oils like lavender it automatically gives you a soothing effect. The other plant you can use is chamomile which is a great way to get a good night’s sleep.

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