Fireworks Safety Week: How You Can Prevent Accidents Ahead Of July 4

Summer is almost here, and it’s time for picnics, Independence Day parties, barbeques, parades, and various festivals. When it comes to celebrations, we always look forward to fireworks. Festivities and fireworks go hand-in-hand. However, these fireworks can be hazardous both for viewers and operators. For this reason, the week surrounding the Fourth of July is celebrated as National Fireworks Safety Week. During this whole week, The National Safety Council tries to spread awareness about fireworks, mishaps, and the precautions that everyone should take. Since the council knows that fireworks are exciting and legal in the United States, they recommend everyone to appreciate fireworks in public and from a distance. They don’t suggest the use of fireworks at home because of the serious damages it can cause. 


Since July 4 is nearing (so is Fireworks Safety Week), you might be stocked with fireworks and ready to have a great time. But have you thought of safety? If you feel you are invincible and nothing can go wrong with you, then you must think again. Here in this article, we have listed some safety tips that you should keep in mind while using fireworks. Review this complete article, learn about the safety measures, and make others aware too. Every Fireworks Safety Week, make sure you spread awareness about the seriousness of using fireworks and all the precautions and measures people can take. 


Why Should You Celebrate Fireworks Safety Week 2021?



Most people know about Fireworks Safety Week but don’t know why it is essential to celebrate and spread awareness about the safety of fireworks. The primary reason for the celebration of safety week is the risk associated with the fireworks. 


Fireworks are prone to higher risk and can lead to an accident in case of a single mistake or negligence. As per the Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 230 people, on average, are taken to hospitals (especially into the emergency ward) every summer due to fireworks-related injuries. From 2004 to 2019, it was found that 126 fireworks-related deaths were reported, i.e., an average of 7.9 deaths per year, and this number is quite disturbing. However, if we look at the number of injuries, 2019 had reported 10,000 fireworks-related injuries, 900 more from 2018. 


This data makes it clear that people need to put more emphasis on safety while using fireworks. To control this number and stop it from rising further, Fireworks Safety Week is celebrated every year.  


Safety Tips To Keep In Mind While Using Fireworks



There are several safety tips you should keep in mind to avoid any unfortunate accidents because of fireworks. Keep these tips in mind, and don’t let the fireworks suck all the fun out of your celebration. 


This Fireworks Safety Week 2021, spread awareness about these tips and let others learn the safety measures while lighting fireworks. Remember, it’s your responsibility to keep yourself safe and others as well. 


Here are some tips from National Council on Fireworks Safety:


Keep Fireworks Away From Children: If we look at the statistics, we will find that most of the firework accidents happen with children. That’s why younger children should always be kept away from the fireworks. Even if they are performing any firework-related activities, they should perform under the supervision of an adult. 


Obey All The Firework Laws: Everyone must follow a specific set of laws while using fireworks. The government has prepared the laws for the public’s safety. Make sure you are well-versed with these laws before you use fireworks in your celebration. 


Never Hold Lit Fireworks In Hand: This is one of the significant causes of firework injuries. Most people prefer to light up the firework while it’s in their hand and throw it later. Doing so might result in fireworks bursting in hand and causing a severe burn.


Always Use Fireworks Outdoor: Fireworks are meant to be used outside in an open area. They should be lit away from the building and vehicles. Never use any kind of fireworks, whether small or large, in a closed space or at home. 


Never Relight A Firework: Relighting a “dud” firework is never a good idea. This might result in a blast or any other accident. In the case of “dud” firework, it is recommended to wait for at least 20 minutes and then soak it in a bucket of water.


Keep A Bucket Of Water While Lighting Up Fireworks: While lighting up fireworks, they might cause fire or any other mishap. This requires a bucket of water or fire extinguisher nearby so that the situation can be controlled easily. Also, having a bucket will help you clean the hot firework remains. Fireworks are meant to be soaked in water before throwing them in the trash. 



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