A rash is something that appears on your skin. It’s reddish and can have bumps around it looking live hives. A rash can be a allergic reaction of a virus from something or someone. A rash can cause a lot or little of itching and sometimes burning. Some people may have poison ivy or chicken pox rash. These two rashes itch so bad that you will need to buy cream to kind of calm it down. Chicken pox starts off with a red rash. It is a virus that can be spread to someone that never had chicken pox before. Poison ivy also starts the same way. Poison ivy can be caught by touching something that has it like a animal, person and poison ivy trees.

People that continually get rashes should go see a doctor. And if you see that your rash is turning darker colors like black, or skin start to peel there is something major wrong. What you think that could be just a rash could be serious. Rashes can occur anywhere on the body. There are even rashes that are caused by sunlight, like a sunburn, and heat rash. A rash could be fungus in the skin, like athletes foot, or bacteria.

A very popular rash is eczema. It’s know for infants and children to have it. Eczema is dry skin and flare up when it’s hot and humid. Eczema is very itchy and can even leave white spots all over your body. Eczema can pop up anywhere on your body, the most common place is the face. It can be cured with over the counter cream or ointment. A doctor visit will determine if your child has eczema, some children will not have it as often, or they will grow out of it as they get older.

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