Protect Your Heart From The Deadly Air Pollution

cured Deadly Air Pollution

Air pollution is increasingly becoming one of the major causes behind people suffering from heart-related issues. It is utmost essential that we take necessary steps to protect our families and ourselves against these life-threatening ailments. The first and the foremost step to curtail the problem is by changing our activities and making necessary adjustments to decrease the effect of pollution in our society. Many statisticians claim that every year, about 1.7 million people lose their lives due to increasing air pollution and environmental hazards.The World Health Organization states that air pollution is a major risk to people with lung diseases or  It can increase the chances of suffering from long-lasting headaches, asthma, bronchitis, etc. The main contributors of this problem are cars, motorcycle, heavy duty vehicles, and aeroplanes. Here we have discussed some preventive steps to protect ourselves from air pollution.

Avoid Indoor Air Pollution

Install carbon monoxide detector in your home - You can affix a carbon monoxide detector on a wall or a ceiling to alert the danger.. If you experience symptoms like persisting headache, dizziness, and loss of consciousness, it’s quite possible that you have a carbon monoxide problem.

Put a mat at every doorstep -  Mats reduce the amount of dust and bacteria that come along with dirty shoes and sandals. Don’t allow dust to settle in and around your home. Ensure to keep your indoors dust-free as much as possible. If you live in a polluted area, take out some time to pay a visit to an environment with a cleaner and fresher air.

Don’t allow dust inside through the window - Though keeping the windows open aids in proper ventilation, if you live in an area where air pollution is high, try to keep your windows closed for the better part of the day.

Use Low VOC level in the paint - VOC produces gases even after months of application. VOCs are carbon-containing compounds and have toxic chemicals like acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

Keep your pets clean and tidy - If you have pets at home, make sure to keep them as clean and tidy as you stay. This is particularly because pets attract allergies which they can easily transfer them to you. Avoid taking them for a stroll in high traffic areas as well.

Avoid Outdoor Pollution

Avoid visiting places that are prone to air pollution - Industrial areas, construction sites, waste disposal areas, etc. emit their own kind of hazardous gas which is harmful for the human system. If you have a breathing problem, you should not visit or go around these areas.

Avoid travelling via auto-rickshaws - During the peak hours of the day, avoid auto-rickshaws and opt for cabs which is a good alternate option available at hand.

Use anti-pollution mask - If the level of pollution in your city is increasing day by day, try to cover up your nose and mouth when you are travelling. Avoid travelling during peak traffic hours, especially crowded routes to reduce your risk of exposure to harmful gases emitted by vehicles.

Practice Good Habits

Avoid smoking - Cigarette smoke creates air pollution. So avoid smoking or going places where people are smoking or having campfires.

Eat vitamin rich food - Change what you eat to help your lungs withstand the effects of air pollutants.Some studies have been conducted that indicate certain vitamin-rich foods can help your body to be more resilient. These changes in diet pose no increased risk for other diseases, and they may protect against cancers. Load your diet with vitamin A, C and E rich food, this will increase the oxygen supply to cells and thus, strengthens the immune system.

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