6 Body Parts You Can Damage by Smoking

Cured Damage By Smoking

You know smoking can cause lung cancer but did you know that it can affect some other parts of your body as well? You would be surprised to know that there are more than 9 body parts that get affected due to smoking. A few of them have been mentioned in this article. So, keep your cigarette aside for a while and know what health disasters it can create for your life.


Do you often feel pain and stiffness in your joints? If yes, then it can be Arthritis which is the inflammation of joints that can worsen with age. Though arthritis is often found in people of 60+ ages, smokers are the ones who are more likely to get rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Also, the RA medications do not work on people who smoke. So, if you don’t bear the lifelong stiffness and pain in your joints, quit smoking!


If you smoke then you are more likely to get affected by skin aging. You will get more wrinkles and fine lines as compared to non-smokers. According to studies, 40-year old women who smoke regularly develops a skin which resembles a non-smoking 70-year old woman. These are the damages that can’t be undone. And, this can probably invite many more skin diseases including skin cancer.

Your Eyes

Lighting up a Cigarette makes you prone to macular degeneration which is an eye condition that affects your central vision. The vision that we use to read, write and see things are controlled by our central vision and smoking destroys this ability slowly but consistently. Not only this, smokers are three times as likely to develop cataract which causes blurry vision.

Sex Organs

Talking specifically about male smokers, smoking has been affecting them in a weird way. Make smokers are more likely to get erectile dysfunction (ED) which is the root cause of a not-so-happening sex life. The more you smoke, the worse the sex life could be. On one hand, where male smokers are prone to get testicular cancer, female smokers can easily fall prey to cervical cancer. In both the cases, the sex life of the couple is sure to get ruined.


If you are a smoker, you can never have a healthy gum. You will always have issues related to gums and mouth which includes but certainly not limited to; bleeding gums, bad breath, painful chewing, and much more. The more you smoke, the worse the oral hygiene would become.


You might have seen several ads on TV about how smoking can affect your lungs. This is a fact. Lung Cancer is most of the time linked to smoking. Smoking has been observed as the top cause of lung cancer in the US. People who smoke are more likely to get other cancers like cancer of mouth, kidney, liver etc.

Wrapping Up

Quitting smoking is not easy but we can always give it a try. Afterall, choosing life over disease should not be a choice but a compulsion. Hope the aforementioned facts on Smoking ill effects help you take a wise decision. So, quit smoking and save your body parts from getting damaged.

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