Step by Step Guide to Use a Menstrual Cup

Using a menstrual cup for the very first time? Let us help and make it a bit easy for you. Be with us and know how to do this in the most efficient manner. Here is a step by step guide to using a menstrual cup that will make your periods stainless and leakless.

Step 1: Read instructions

Every menstrual cup comes with a user manual on which you will get sufficient information about its usage. So, before inserting the menstrual cup into your vagina, make sure to go through the user manual and know about the do’s and don’ts of that specific cup.

Step 2: Wash and Sterilize

Wash your hands and the cup to keep the germs away from the most sensitive part of your body i.e. the vagina. Once you do this, put the menstrual cup into a pan of boiling water and sterilize it for next 5 minutes. This will ensure that cup is 100% germ-free to go inside your vagina.

Step-3: Choose a position

To insert the cup into your vagina, you need to sit in a squat position. This will help your vagina to expand a bit hence making some space for the cup to get in. Apart from the squat position, you can also try sitting on the toilet. While trying these positions, you will get to know about the perfect position to insert the cup.

Step-4: Fold the cup

Once you are relaxed enough to get started with this menstrual product, it’s time to hold the cup in your hand and give it a shape that can easily go inside your vagina. For this, hold the cup in your hand, fold it from the middle and then make a C- shape. This is the shape that can easily be inserted into the small opening of your vagina.

Step-5: Put it inside

While keeping the C-shape intact, put the menstrual cup inside your vagina slowly. Keep pushing it inside the vagina till you hear a “Pop” sound which indicates that the cup has reached the cervix and is fully opened.

Step-6: Enjoy a happy period

Once the cup is fully inserted, check it by rotating it into clockwise direction. If it is fully inserted, it will rotate smoothly. Once this is done, you are free to do almost anything on your periods. You can dance, swim, do yoga, cycling, and so on without taking care of your periods. The best part is you can wear white pants without being worried about any stains. The leakless menstrual cup inside your vagina will collect all the menstrual fluid without any leakage.

How to remove

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A medium to large sized menstrual cup can hold fluid from 8-12 hours. After that, you will need to take it out of your vagina. To do so, sit in the same position in which you have inserted the cup. With the help of your hands, hold the bottom of the cup and slowly take it out. Make sure, you let some air pass in to avoid the building up of vacuum. Once released, empty the cup into the pot and wash it with a soap. Wash your hands and the cup and sterilize it so that you can use it again.

Hope this works for you. 

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