Natural Remedies For Polycystic Ovary Or PCOS

cured  Remedies For Polycystic Ovary  Or PCOS

PCOS is a common problem among teen girls and young women. In fact, almost 1 out of 10 women has PCOS. It is a hormone imbalance that can cause irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, and acne. PCOS begins during a girl’s teen years and can be mild or severe.

Symptoms of PCOS

I.    Irregular menstrual cycles

II.   Excess body hair

III.  Acne

IV.   Infertility

V.    Heavy periods

VI.  Pelvic pain

VII. Obesity

Factors Causing PCOS

I.  PCOS is also commonly coupled with elevated insulin levels, which can cause the ovaries to start churning out even more androgen.

II. Experts believe that both genetic and environmental factors can lead to PCOS, and there are a number of conditions that increase the risk of development.

Natural Remedies For PCOS

Although there is currently no cure for PCOS, there are ways to manage and treat the disorder. We have collected some natural remedies to ease your symptoms and keep it under control. Check it out.

Apple cider vinegar

One of the top PCOS natural treatments is apple cider vinegar, which has been shown to reduce insulin production while keeping blood sugar regulated. Less insulin means less androgen, and that, in turn, means fewer of the negative symptoms that accompany PCOS. To optimize your results, mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink with each meal to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Fish oil

Besides its huge list of cardiovascular, fish oil can actually improve insulin sensitivity. In fact, studies have shown that increasing omega-3 intake increased insulin sensitivity by up to 43 percent. This means the body produces less insulin, and that equates to less androgen production. Fish oil can be taken as a supplement or found in the diet naturally in fatty fish, like salmon and mackerel. For vegetarians, there are plenty of other ways to get in omega-3 fatty acids as well. Chia seeds, leafy greens, and seaweed are all excellent nutritious options.


Flaxseed is one of the most effective natural treatments for PCOS because it attacks the problem at the root. This miracle food contains high amounts of lignan, a compound that has been shown to bind to testosterone in the blood and promote its excretion. This translates to less of the unpleasant side effects caused by hormonal imbalances. Two tablespoons per day delivers a good chunk of fiber and is an excellent starting point.

Licorice root

Licorice has a long history as a medicinal plant; it can have a powerful impact on PCOS. One study found that licorice caused a significant decrease in total serum testosterone in healthy women by how the body metabolizes it. You can take licorice root as a supplement, or you could make your own licorice root tea by adding it to boiling water and soaking for 10 minutes. Drink the tea twice a day for best results. Alternatively, give this Ginger Licorice Tea a try from Elana’s Pantry.

Green tea

Green tea can help with glucose control and also improve insulin sensitivity. A review published in the American Journal of Nutrition noted that green tea was able to significantly lower fasting insulin concentrations and cut down on fasting glucose levels. Less insulin means less testosterone production in the body, which means less of those unpleasant PCOS symptoms. Two to three cups daily is a good amount to see the maximum health benefits from your green tea.

Healthy diet and exercise

Although a diagnosis with PCOS can be devastating, combining natural remedies with a healthy diet and exercise can make it much more manageable. Weight loss is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of PCOS, control the symptoms, and prevent the development of associated conditions like diabetes. Follow a plant-based diet, minimize your intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates, and stay active to ward off PCOS and its unpleasant symptoms for good.

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