Mental Health Awareness Guide: How to cope with depression and anxiety!

Mental Health Awareness is the most ignored of all the topics. But, surveys say that depression and anxiety are the most rampant diseases. No matter, if you belong to an elite class or fall under the BPL, all of us are finding ways How to cope with depression and anxiety.

According to a survey done in 2018 by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, around 40 million adults of America that count for around 18% of the population of the nation are suffering from one or the other anxiety disorder.

Being in a stressful state of mind or suffering from a mental health disorder does not only makes you mentally sick, but it does have an immensely adverse effect on your body. So, Mental Health awareness is one of the important considerations, if you really want to be healthy.

Here are Top 11 Ways to Keep Check on your Mental Health


To some people “laughing” is not that important! These group of people doesn’t ever think about this topic. And, these are the people who fall under the depressed & anxious group of people. If you also fall under that category, immediately shift to the other group!

Laugh! Take it seriously! And, laugh means, the tear-inducing laugh, can’t-breathe laughter, and the stomach-clenching. It’s one of the best exercises for your mind. You can call a friend who makes you laugh or watch a comedy movie anything there are a plethora of ways. It will reduce anxiety and make you feel happy & healthy.

2. Be active

Many do not know but exercising regularly has similar effects as an anti-depressant does. This fact has been established by many researchers. You will definitely be in a different state of mind if you have exercised on a particular day (happy mood), and a different one if you haven’t (bad mood).

You need to be continually active! Make a priority to go to the gym or find some time to exercise at home. You can save time by using the stairs instead of the lift while going to the office. Opt for some yoga sessions or you can also take your dog for a walk. It will refresh you, energize you and will keep a check on your mental health.

3. Avoid unhealthy food

This part may be struggling for many, but it’s an important consideration with respect to mental Health awareness. Continually eating unhealthy food can really have an adverse effect on your mental health. It not only has a bad effect on your physical health but also on your mental health. Avoiding unhealthy food is one of the ways how to cope with depression and anxiety. Maintain a healthy diet regimen and not only your body will feel better, but also your mental state will be in a good state.

4. Socialize

While it is good to be alone sometimes, but living in isolation for a longer period of time can make you feel bad. But, that does not mean that you have to be always around people. You just need to be smart enough. For instance, you can go to a coffee shop where you will be surrounded by people. Such kind of interactions is good for your mental health.

5. Breaks from technology

It does not mean that you have to throw your tablets and smartphones! It does not mean that you have to stop using your social media accounts. But, yes, like everything else, technology needs to be there in your life in moderation. You can do it smartly; fix a time when you are going to switch off your tablets & smartphones. Make sure that you have switched off the notifications on your social media when you are going to bed. It will be extraordinarily helpful in making the optimum use of technology!

6. Get outside

You don’t understand the unexceptionally tremendous effect of getting outside! Don’t spend enough time outside the home and you will notice that you are feeling low and depressed. Fresh air is important for keeping your body and mind healthy! Even it’s chilling cold inside, put on some woolens and move out, grab some fresh air. You will instantly start feeling rejuvenated!

7. Gratitude is the Key

Saying “thank you” for every has in little thing in your life has credible results! Feeling gratitude is a significant part of mental health awareness. It can be anything, gratitude to God for such an incredible life, creating a gratitude journal or sending a thank you note to one of your friends/relatives. In the process of feeling gratitude, you are simply multiplying what you already have. Count your blessings every day, no matter where you are in your life!

8. Treasure Silence

The moment of silence is very important sometimes! This is the time when you can be still, create some space for the gentle whisper of God, to contemplate about the things that make you feel good; it’s the time when you can talk to yourself whatever you want to. Silence will teach you “silently”, how to cope with dep[ression and anxiety. Enjoying some time in silence is same as decluttering your home.

9. Try New Things

Ask any specialist, he will tell you that keeping your mind busy is one of the important parts of your “Mental Awareness Session”! The brain works in a similar way as your muscles and exercising it at regular intervals is a significant part of keeping it healthy. Every month, or whenever you can try out something new, maybe an activity, a hobby, anything. This will keep your mind engaged and is a great way for your mental well-being.

10. Read

Reading is an incredible tool for keeping your mind healthy! Not only it has such amazing effects on your mental health, but it will also be helpful in enriching you inside out. Reading will feed your mind with positive information and you will have plenty of things to thought about. It will shift your focus from negative to positive! Read! Read! Read! It’s a wonderful exercise for your brain!

11. Be Kind

Making others feel good will ultimately make you feel good! God has already defined that in the process of serving others, you are actually serving him! There are a number of ways in which you can fulfill this criterion that falls under Mental Health Awareness. You can be kind to your friends, family, or can help a colleague, or that’s not enough you can also join a Social Work Organization. This is going to make you feel content and happy!

So, these are some important considerations with regards to Mental Health Awareness. It’s very important to focus on every single area of your life including Mental Health if you want to remain Hale and Hearty.

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