Know The Tips To Prevent Coronavirus

If you are updated with the news then you must be aware of 2019 Novel Coronavirus that is making headlines. It all started with Wuhan, which is in the Hubei Province in China. It is a respiratory virus that spreads even with a simple human contact. 



This data is from which depicts clearly the places that have been affected with 2019 Novel Coronavirus. If you pay a closer look at it China is the nation with the highest number of cases. We are going to guide you a little more regarding this incurable virus.

What is the 2019 Novel Coronavirus?

The history of Coronavirus dates back to the 1960s but none of the earlier types were able to cause such mass destruction. It is a respiratory virus that has the same symptoms as a common cold. This virus is mainly found in animals and it is estimated that it aroused from the animal market and later on spread in the humans too. 

How it spreads?

It is a very unique kind of virus that has gained a lot of hype but many of the things are yet to be discovered about it. MERS and SARS have been known to the scientists which were similar to Novel Coronavirus but this virus didn’t give them ample time to do research on it. 

The statistics are enough to throw the light on the cases that have increased with the passing time. People traveling from China or the students that are coming back from this country have carried Corona with them to their native places and this is spreading like amazon fire. The neighboring countries like India and the giant US have extended their hands to help China. 

According to the latest update, the scientist who discovered this virus is no longer alive. If reports are to be believed it is a virus if not controlled can make its mark in the entire globe and this could lead to the death of the entire human race.

Symptoms of this Virus

The symptoms are very common and can get unnoticed as they are very similar to cold. You are most likely to catch a cold, or fever. Since it’s a respiratory disease you may even find it difficult to breathe. The condition worsens with each passing day and every person coming in contact with you will catch this disease. 

Symptoms may prevail for 2 days or may even last for 14 days. It takes some time to show the symptoms after coming in contact with the virus and this delay causes a deadly effect and the death of the patient is the final outcome.

Precautions and Preventions you can take:

There is no precaution that can prevent you once you are in contact with it. Hence, it is advisable to stay indoors as much as you can and take care of yourself.

The best way to avoid it is to not get in contact with it. If you are traveling to China, then kindly avoid it as it is the main hub of this virus. It has been observed that the students or travelers who are back from the country are suffering from it. This proves that the air of China is polluted with coronavirus and it has been advised to stay in that country with medical precautions or simply cancel your vacation plans.

  • If you can wear a mask when you travel outside it would be really great. Even if you are suffering from it then also, you must wear it so that you don’t inhale any pollutants.
  • Try avoiding contact with the people suffering from it. This virus spreads even with the slightest contact with it. Hence, keeping yourself away from the patients is the best precaution for it.
  • Keep yourself hygenic and clean. The cleaner you keep yourself more is the chance to avoid it. Yes! You heard it right the best way is to wash your hands, nose, eyes, etc. This would help to keep yourself hygenic and wash away even the slightest chances of contamination.

But what if you catch a cold? The best way is to take a rest. Your body needs rest and time to heal. You might just catch a cold or normal fever. Once your immunity is affected you get higher chances to suffer from coronavirus. Hence, it is advisable to stay back home and rest as much as you can.

Keep yourself hygenic when you catch a common cold. Use tissues and napkins to avoid the spreading of this virus. Your common cold may not be that common. One needs to check with their doctor as soon as possible. If you delay taking necessary medicines it could cause a severe effect on your body. Your sneezing could be the cause of other illnesses.

  • Whenever you come from outside, ensure to clean yourself. Mix some disinfectant in your bathing water to kill the bacteria and germs penetrating your skin. Not just your body but keep your surroundings clean too. Wash your house with antibacterial liquid and disinfectants, this would help in killing even the slightest chances to catch this virus.
  • Keep your hands cleans as they are the breeding place for many bacterias. Wash them as much as you can. It is better to use a hand wash or hand sanitizer whenever you eat as you don’t want to suffer from a severe disease just because of very few negligences. 

There is no treatment for this cause. You need to cure yourself by eating fresh and healthy. You must avoid seafood or nonveg items until and unless the scientists find a treatment for this. One must stay hydrated and avoid being out for a longer duration. If you feel even slightest of the symptoms then you should check with your doctor and then take the necessary actions suggested by them. 

It may be an incurable disease but prevention is always better than regretting later. Eat healthily and stay healthy to avoid any incurable illness.


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