Pamper Your Colored Hair With These Tips

Who doesn’t love coloring their hair? We all do and with the changes in trend, it is very common to see dyed hair everywhere. It can make or break your personality. We remember our friend dying her hair to fiery red and instead of going lowlights or highlights she opted for a fashionable global. For the people who are confused amongst these terms, let us sort it out for you. 

Lowlights: When the strips of hair are taken from the lower area of your hair and then dyed.

Highlights: When the strips are taken from the crown area of your head then dyed.

Global: The strips are taken from all over your head and will make you go redhead from blonde in a matter of a few hours.

Once you dye your hair you start getting many compliments and for the first month, your hair looks luxurious and very lively. But, as time passes by you start noticing split ends and any frizzy hair. Also, the color seems to change rapidly. You can relate too? Then here is the guide to take care of the dyed hair like an expert to maintain your luxurious locks.

First of all, you need to understand that a lot of harsh chemicals are applied for permanently coloring your hair. If you feel like changing your hair color you can go for the temporary means and this won’t harm your natural hairs, also it is cheaper and safer then the permanent ways.

But, we all make mistakes and feel like having a permanent makeover and if you are one of them then bring your notepad and pen and start penning down these tips or alternatively you can bookmark us:

Conditioning your hair:

Always go for color protection conditioner and shampoos as they heal the hair from damage and takes care of your natural locks. Also, ensure that the products are sulfate-free as sulfur can further damage your hair. 

Waiting for shampoo

 Wait for at least 72 hours after you color your hair. The color needs some time to settle on your hair strands and hence, it is advised to not shampoo your hair immediately after you color it. 

Dry your hair naturally

It is advised to dry your hair naturally and use minimum heating products to avoid further damage to your hair. 

Hair serum

There are many hair serums in the market that contain color protection and UV protection too. Hence, using a hair serum after every time you wash your hair keeps them protected from further damage.

Re- dye every time you wash

If you have chosen colors that are more electric and pop you can add a little dye in your conditioner and every time you wash your hair your color will shine a little extra and this way you can keep it forever young.


Massaging coconut or olive oil in your hair 30 minutes before you wash your hair will keep them healthy and rejuvenate your scalp too. Oiling your hair is very essential to make them strong and healthy. It also boosts your hair growth. You can either warm a little coconut oil and mix aloe vera gel in it and then massage it deeply into your scalp every Saturday night and leave it overnight for a healthy hair wash on Sunday. This regime will show results within a month and you are going to fall in love with the results.

Hair Spa

It is a very important regime that you must follow every 15 days. It not just promotes hair growth but also removes the dirt and pollutants from your hair and scalp. It relaxes your nerves and the hair feels soft and repaired. It helps in removing the frizz and repairs the split ends.


Once you are done with the permanent hair coloring, you can ask your hairstyle when you can come for a re-touch. If you have colored them red then it is more prone to discoloration. To protect the hair color you need to re-touch it as many times as you can. This will help in keeping your color forever young.


We hope that you will now take care of your luxurious hair better and will follow a regime to keep their health young. Hair can make or break one's personality and taking care of them is very important. You need to be extra cautious with them and it is advisable to not treat them chemically a lot instead go for natural remedies. 


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