Make Your Skin Pregnancy Ready With These Tips

Pregnancy can be a real tedious task that comes with great responsibilities and many changes in your body both physically and mentally. The continuous changes in your body and the unique food cravings that you have often and end up in spoiling your skin. Every woman faces different pregnancy issues and different changes in their skin and body. It is not important to tackle all of them as few of them are really beautiful and can make you look more appealing and attractive. However, there are a few changes that need immediate attention so that you can protect them from further spreading. One of the first things that people observe is your skin. Hence it is very important to take care of your skin during the pregnancy phase. Sometimes the food habits you developed during pregnancy have an adverse effect on your skin. Sometimes you might be craving for more sweets which starts spoiling your skin from inside. Hence it is very important to take care of your food habits while you are in this face and try to eat more fruit and vegetables in your diet. There are a few vegetables which are both good for your pregnancy and your skin too. Hence try opting for a Lifestyle that will be beneficial for your child and your skin, body and your emotional health too. Check out ‘Travel with your baby bump to these amazing staycations’ for the mood uplifting vacations.

Most of the major issues that women face during pregnancy are breakouts, stretch marks, and pigmentation. You can take care of your pigmented skin by following the home remedies mentioned in the article’ Take a Break from Face Pigmentation with These Home Remedies’. However, let’s discuss in detail the major issues that you might encounter on your journey of motherhood.


We have explained how you can take care of your pigmented skin in one of the articles where we have discussed the home remedies for the solution. But what exactly is pigmentation? When you start seeing dark spots on your face out of Nowhere and they might end up on your entire face or some may even form patches. This condition is known as the pigmentation. It is a very common skin condition that occurs during the pregnancy because the melasma hormone in our body gets triggered. The hormonal changes that we go through during pregnancy is a major reason for triggering this hormone. Also, it is a condition that every woman faces because the melanin is stimulated and hence the dark spots start appearing on your skin. These are mostly present on the skin which is more exposed to the sun. Hence this solution to this issue is to wear sunscreen whenever you step out of the room. Not just outdoors but you can use the SPF indoors also. Go for the sunscreen which has an SPF of 30 or more than that. However this is a temporary solution but if your skin has been affected then you can use the home remedies like lemon juice, almond paste, papaya, and many such remedies.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks may look ugly to many people but the mothers know how beautiful they are for them. However, when one starts observing these Rapid changes in their body they get worried and try looking out for options that can help prevent it. Instead of wearing out of these stretch marks for pregnancy marks as some like to mention it, you can look out for the preventive measures for the remedies which might help in vanishing them. Stretch marks might completely be avoided if you start using Vitamin E or a bio-oil on your skin in the early trimesters of your pregnancy. However, no remedy has been proven to prevent them completely but can obviously reduce their impact. Another great source is olive oil. One can start using olive oil so that they can keep their skin moisturized and prevent it from itching. Olive oil is a very good source of vitamin E which helps in increasing the skin elasticity.


It is a very common and major issue that everyone faces. One can face Breakout even when they are not pregnant. Women face breakouts even during the menstruation cycle. However, the first and second trimesters are the major ones where you may observe more of these issues. Pregnancy plays up with your hormones on a greater level and secretes more of androgens. The sebum production is increased and eventually, your skin pores are blocked. When your pores get blocked the inflammation increases which is a leading cause of acne. One can do nothing about it but can however make the level of sebum production balanced. Healthy skin habits like cleaning your face twice a day, following a skincare regime and using face masks which are made of organic properties like Fuller earth, lemon, and sometimes cucumber juice may help in your Breakout issue.

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