Myths Around Health You Need To Stop Believing Now

Health is wealth. Truly said, in today's scenario it is very much important to keep yourself healthy for keeping the health issues away. Every individual believes that they are health experts and know so much how to keep themselves healthy. Reading articles on the internet or by Googling through many YouTube videos does not make someone a health expert. We need to understand that those steps are also written by some individuals who may or may not be health experts. There are few beliefs circulating in society for ages that are completely ruining your health. Worry not we are here to debunk such myths that are related to health. Sometimes overdose of few nutrients and vitamins can hamper your body and have a reverse effect on your health. Hence it is very important to understand their benefits and drawbacks before you believe in these steps. For example, the intake of sugar might be good for some people but can be dangerous for people suffering from diabetes. People who are overweight need to follow different lifestyles in comparison to the people who are on a healthier side. Everybody is different and every individual acts differently to the steps. Hence it is very important to understand your body first and then act upon it.

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water

There is no set amount of glasses of water you should drink. One need not make a count of their cups. Drink water when you actually feel thirsty and not forcefully. You should induce more fruits and vegetables that keep you hydrated instead of just drinking water throughout the day. Also, one should avoid additional or artificial sweeteners like juice and caffeine which will make you more dehydrated. Hence, go for the fruits or food or to that will keep you more hydrated and full. Also if you have a little pain while urinating or your urine is a little dark yellow it is a sign that your body needs more of the water. If you are a very active person then you need to keep yourself hydrated so that the water levels are maintained in your body. Hence following the eight glass rule is completely a myth that is useless. Just keep yourself hydrated enough by drinking water when you are thirsty and eating fruits and vegetables which are richer in H2O. Read ’Amazing benefits of keeping yourself hydrated this summer’ for some genuine health tips.

  • Avoid eggs for heart health

If you have ditched your love for eggs only if you believe that eggs are bad for your cardio health then it is completely a myth. If you love omelet then go and have it, people. Having 2 eggs a day will not raise your risk of heart disease. But you need to avoid the yolks. The yellow part which is also known as Yolk is full of cholesterol and can hamper your health. An egg is a mix of good and bad fat. The white part of the egg has Omega 3S which can help in lowering down your heart risk. Hence eggs can be good for your heart is taken in a moderate amount and that too only the white portion. If you are focusing on a healthy lifestyle then you need to mix all kinds of food in your diet. Two eggs a day would not hamper your health.

Antiperspirant causes Breast Cancer

Few people believe that antiperspirants can be the root cause of breast cancer. However, some of the scientists think completely opposite full stop with your dress and antiperspirants have somewhere similar chemicals. People believe that they can end up hampering your breast tissues and may cause tumors. However, until today the National Cancer Institute has not found even a single piece of evidence that could prove use of such products can cause breast cancer. Hence, ladies, you can continue using your favorite fragrance for as long as you want.

Eating breakfast can help in losing weight

There are so many articles online that say eating breakfast will help in losing weight. However, it is not completely true. As he told earlier that every individual acts differently to certain diet and exercises. Hence eating breakfast can help a few people in losing weight but not everyone. Eating breakfast is essential so that you don't stay hungry and end up eating a lot of snacks. Hens if you want to eat your breakfast a little late or might want to skip it because you are not feeling hungry then that will not make you gain weight. It is ok to consume fewer calories in the morning. Also, there has been no study which proves that if you skip your breakfast you will overeat during your lunch or dinner. The main idea is to consume the necessary calories or not end up eating unhealthy snacks.

Cold weather lower your immunity

If you believe that cold weather can lower your immunity then you are completely wrong. According to some researchers, a scientist has claimed that people living in freezing temperatures are more immune in comparison to the one who stays indoors. Staying indoor can hamper your immunity because you are more prone to germs. When you are outside your body gets immune to various viruses but while staying indoors it might just take a toll on your health and may cause you more sickness.

Sugar makes you hyper

Few people believe that sugar is not good for your health. It is true to some sense but making a conception that sugar can make you hyper is completely wrong. Sugar is harmful to your body when taken in excess. Few people believe that sugar can make you act more hyper and may cause an issue in your focus. But it is not true. If you eat more fatty food and live an unhealthy lifestyle than sugar can take a toll on your body but if you take it in a limited amount then it is good for your health. Hence there is no direct link with hypertension.

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