Make Labor a Little Easy with These Handy Tips

Being in a  pregnancy phase is the most difficult and memorable time for any woman. Experiencing motherhood takes a lot. One needs to go through so much pain and mood swings but it all feels worth when they hold a new life in their hands. It is quite difficult for the first time mothers to understand what this should do during the labor pain. There are so many others who would be giving you different advice but never listen to anyone. The first step towards a healthy pregnancy and healthy labor is to listen to your doctor. A doctor knows the best because they have all the scientific theories and rules. Also, they understand your body better than anyone else. Every person goes under different changes into the body based upon their body type and the kind of pregnancy they are in. Every trimester that you face has something different to offer and can only be understood by your doctor. Hence we are here with a few of the tips that doctors advise. Also, these are very common and anyone can use them. It will have the same effect on each and every body type because they are very common and mostly related to your lifestyle.

  • Classes

It is always advisable to enroll yourself in certain classes that are related to childbirth. These classes will not just help you in understanding your trimesters but will also help you in going through them gracefully. You can expect meeting different kinds of women who are going through the same emotional and physical changes. Consider this as a help group that can help you in better preparation of what to expect and what not to do. There are so many stupid things that people end up doing during their labor pain. Hence the childbirth courses will help you in going through them and not making any stupid mistake. It also makes you mentally prepare for what to expect during labor and delivery.

  • Stay away from negativity

It is our fears that overtake us. If you are during your last trimester and are feeling yourself with lots of negativity then you should stop comparing your pregnancy with the others. Every woman has a different body type and forcing yourself for a normal delivery instead of a C-section is a mark of great fullness. People tend to believe that normal deliveries are the best ones. However, a doctor knows what your body can actually survive. Hence, stop making yourself uncomfortable by watching out the YouTube videos that give you discouragement for certain procedures. There are so many myths related to delivery that can have a negative impact on your brain hence the best thing to do is trust your doctor and believe what they say instead of falling into negativity.

  • Always be prepared

The delivery dates which are given to you are tentative once. Stop relying on them fully. When should you always be prepared for the worst-case scenario? One never knows when you go into labor it could either be a premature delivery or even a post date delivery. Hence the preparation always counts. Whenever the time comes the main thing is to keep yourself in a practice of squatting. When you squat Your pelvic opening increases in size by 28% and this will help you in less painful delivery. Also, squats will increase your stamina of holding onto a certain position. If someone is feeling quite fearful regarding their labor and delivery then you can always go up to your doctor and talk about it. They will connect you with an expert childbirth educator that can help you in exercises which will make your first delivery less painful. It's always the first delivery which is horrifying because after that you get hold of it and understand what to do and what not to do.

  • Exercise

If someone is giving you the advice to go on complete bed rest then that's the worst advice you can never get. If you see e d procedures a few years back you can actually take a piece of helpful advice from your mother or grandmothers. Never let your body slow down. Even if you are in the labor pain try moving or standing or slow dancing and sometimes sitting and squatting. The more you allow Gravity to attract the baby down the more it helps. Hence it is very helpful if you go into an upright position which will create a gravitational pull between the baby and you. If you are in labor pain at home then try jiggling your body so that you can get the baby into the right position and let the gravitational pull do a little of its magic.

  • Massage

What pain in the world a good massage can't curb? Massage is the answer to many of your issues. A massage can actually help in easing out the tension in your body. Massage releases the good Chemicals known as interference in your brain and body which makes you feel more relaxed. Hence if you can help up the women by massaging her it would be of great help. Ask anyone near you who knows the magic of hands to give you tailbone press so that with each contraction you feel more relaxed. You can even try giving back careers and pelvis press, these three kinds of massages are really helpful during your labor. 


Also, don’t forget to take care of your vaginal health. It is very important to keep your vagina healthy as it would be going through many changes too. Hence, you can try reading ‘HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR VAGINAL HEALTH’ for a piece of better knowledge. One must relax as much as they can to ease out the muscle tension. 

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