Fashion Myths That One Should Never Trust

Every country follows its own beauty standards and this give rise to many myths related to the fashion industry. Everybody loves the skin and wants to look beautiful both physically and with their skin too. Fashion is an industry that is spread across the globe and people follow the fashion stars blindly. All the remedies and methods which are surfacing on the Internet affect people’s life. There are so many myths that are related to fashion like the colors one should use according to their skin tone or the clothes they should wear according to their body shape and sometimes even the fashion industry goes overboard by making people realize that having fair skin tone is the beauty symbol. Skin tone has been looked upon by many people and make event give a wrong message to the world that fair skin is the only beautiful skin tone. There are so many cosmetic brands that are advertising how to get fairer using their skin tones that celebrities who are well aware have stopped advertising it. Many big celebrities have taken a step back from promoting such products which spread false messages to society. We are so blinded by the fashion norms that we forget what is good for us and whatnot. Fashion is all about being confident and feeling good about yourself and it comes from within not from the colors for skin tone. We are here to debunk such rules that are made by the people surrounding the different skin tones.

Dark skin

The dark or dusky skin faces the breadth of the entire society. Until and unless you belong to a country where having dark skin is normal you need to use a product that makes your skin lighter. If you are on the dark skin side then you should not be afraid of using bright colours or using balls colours that you love. Even if you are dusky you can wear the white colours. First you need to understand that having a dusky skin is not a negative. But a positive point as you are able to hide most of your skin issues under that layer of skin and you would be glad to hear that most of the sexiest people that exist on earth have dusky skin. Dusky skin is always told not to try neon or something bright but we would suggest you wear the colors you love. The most you experiment with colors the more you would be knowing what goes best for you. All you need to do is get comfortable under your skin and not feel bad about it. You can add accessories to keep your look subtle and may go with makeup that is not much louder but goes well with your dress that you are wearing. To level up your color game know; ‘How to Play with Colors for Mental and Physical Well Being? ‘

Wheatish skin

It is the color that is mostly found in the Asian region. The British skin is known to be a little tablet or Olive skin and people believe that you should not wear Yellow or green colors. But we suggest you can obviously go for these colors as it would enhance your look. If you don't feel uncomfortable wearing Neon you can even experiment with your look. People believe that you should not be wearing pure white or fluorescent Shades but these are the colors that bring out your skin tone and your features. Also, a white outfit looks great on the wheatish skin. If you know how to ensemble your entire look then you are good to go with any colour you want. Hens if you have been told not to wear neons for fluorescence and white then go for it and experiment wearing them as a necessary or even an entire outfit.

Fair skin

Distinct people are considered to be the blessed ones as they don't have any no color in their life. Instead, they are told to wear colors that might look overboard on them. Wearing bright pink might contrast with your skin tone and may even bring out the pinkish features of your face but that sometimes looks very cheesy. Instead wearing pale and pastel colors would look more sophisticated. Hence instead of going overboard with your looks try wearing the color switch will look warmer on you. 


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