Know Why Your Mood Swings Can Be an Alarming Sign

There are times when you feel low and sometimes your spirits are too high. It seems that you are on a roller coaster ride of emotions and sometimes it is quite normal. But if these things appear on a daily basis then they might not be normal. Sometimes your mood swings can affect your daily life and the people around you. There are so many reasons that can affect your mood and can change it within a fraction of seconds. If someone has more of a happy mood that's because their body rhythm is quite normal. However, most people tend to feel more negative during the evening or afternoon because they get tired. Sometimes mood swings might not be a result of activities but of mental illness. If you are continuously facing mood swings then you seriously need to change your lifestyle. Try talking to some professionals so that they can help you in making necessary amendments in your day to day life. But before you go on taking professional help you should know what might be causing these issues.

Stress or anxiety

Sometimes our day to day experiences can have a very unpleasant effect on us. All the good or bad things that happen to us can have a long-lasting impact on our minds. If someone goes through imprison time then they can become very sensitive to work their emotions and react very strongly to other people. When people are stressed out they are unable to sleep and the lack of sleep, later on, causes anxiety. If your mood swings are happening on regular bases and along with it you start feeling uneasy and fearful then it might be the reason you have an anxiety disorder. If you are not able to control your emotions and thoughts for many months then you need to contact professional help. Sometimes the problem caused in sleeping is another symptom of anxiety. Hence you need to look out for different symptoms that you are going through along with mood swings. One can also ‘Try These Stress-Buster Activities To Relax And Rejuvenate’.

Bipolar disorder

It is a very serious mental disorder in which your mood swings more than the usual. All the highest are the laws that you face in your day to day life can feel more intense and long-lasting. Sometimes you might feel great because everything is falling in places and you might get high on your energy. It is a very natural thing but if you are suffering from a bipolar disorder then there might be chances that this happiness may last for around a week or even a month. It's like one good news can keep you happy for at least a week or a month. You might even part like a maniac and nobody would understand what you are going through. Sometimes you start hearing voices in your mind that you should go for some running or party or do something which will make you happier. In the same scenario if you have bad news then you might end up saying in bed for straight 4 to 5 days. The depressing phase lasts for a very long time and you may even start getting decided thoughts. Almost 3% of Americans face this issue.


If a person is feeling depressed then they might have many mood swings, even the people who are going into depression have their own level of lows and highs. But they are pretty normal and don't panic, it's just like bipolar disorder. The people who are depressed may feel bad in the morning and might become cheerful in the evening. But if you feel sad and hopeless for more than a week then you might need to take professional help.

Personality disorder

A borderline personality disorder is a mental illness where you can have an extreme shift in your mood swings. You might feel anxious and angry and this anger May later turn to depression which is again followed by anxiety. In this condition, you are most likely to feel low and can get triggered by even the2 simplest of interactions. Sometimes borderline personality disorders may not have a symptom of stress. But in this condition, people feel like harming themselves when they feel very low.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

It is popularly known as ADHD. In Adults who are suffering from this disorder face lots of mood swings along with a hot temper and tendency to get irritated easily. If someone is going through this then they might feel restless all the long and will be very impressive. Also, it's very difficult for them to focus on something.

Hormonal changes

Teenagers are often referred to as Modi because they go through various changes in these sex hormones. Your sex hormones have a direct effect on your emotions and changes in the lead to continuous mood swings. If a woman is suffering from PMS or pregnancy and even Menopause then they will be having many unpredictable mood swings. The same goes for male hormones. The male might feel pretty stable until they are of age 30. When the level of their testosterone begins to decline they start feeling irritated and even have hot flashes and continuous mood swings.

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