These Tips Can Help You to Handle Menopause Like a Pro

Menopause is a widespread condition in women. All the women at the age of 45 or above start facing this issue. It is a condition in which the women stop menstruating. The entire menstruation cycle ceases, and it is known as Menopause. Any changes that our body goes through before having periods or after they stop having periods is known as Menopause. Menopause marks the ending of the reproductive years of women. A woman is born with the number of eggs stored in her ovaries. These ovaries are responsible for generating estrogen and progesterone hormone. These two hormones are responsible for controlling her periods or menstruation and the cycle of releasing the eggs every year. This cycle of releasing an egg is also known as ovulation. During Menopause, the ovaries stop releasing eggs, and the Menstruation cycle stops. Menopause is a ubiquitous symptom or condition which women face when she ages. It usually occurs after the age of 40, but in some cases, the women might even go through Menopause at an early age. If someone has gone through surgeries in which they have removed their ovaries or might have damaged them like chemotherapy, then they are likely to face Menopause earlier. If someone faces Menopause before the age of 40 without any medical reason, then it is known as premature menopause, it is a very harsh condition for women as she goes to many hormonal changes. As we all know, hormonal changes can be complicated to deal with them. Here are a few of the conditions in which you might feel the steps get handy.

Hot flashes:

These are prevalent symptoms of hot flashes. Whenever someone intakes caffeine or alcohol, then hot flashes are very common, but when someone starts feeling these flashes even when they are walking or sitting in a room, then it is a symptom of Menopause. Whenever you begin getting flashes, no need to worry, simply take a slow and steady breath while you inhale and exhale slowly. It is the best condition that you can go into through a little bit of meditation. Whenever you start getting your Menopause, it is essential to meditate. Doing the breathing exercises can help in cooling down your body, but if the flashes increase, then it is advisable to connect with your doctor.

Night sweats:

At night when you start sweating excessively, it usually lasts for three or more minutes. These three or four minutes are enough to make your clothes and sheets completely drenched into a sweat. But there are certain ways through which you can keep yourself cool even during the night. Instead of wearing some heavy clothing, start wearing cotton or lightweight pajamas. Also, as a home remedy, you can keep a bag of frozen peas under your pillow and can flip this pillow whenever you require it during the night. This will keep your face on a cooler side. Instead of going for heavy blankets, start taking lightweight blankets or simple bed sheets even if you have turned on the air conditioner and never forget to keep a bedside fan along your side so that the air can move to and fro.

Sleeping disorder:

Whenever a woman enters into the Menopause phase, the first thing to get affected is her sleeping cycle. If you don't want your sleeping cycle to get hampered, then start including some Healthy lifestyle habits in your daily routine. Including yoga or meditation can help in keeping your sleeping cycle alive. Even if you exercise, it can make a difference. It is very much essential to do your last exercise 3 hours before your bedtime. If you are an alcohol lover, then and it is very much necessary to avoid it during your Menopause phase. Instead of taking the alcohol before you go to bed, start sipping warm milk. Warm milk, when mixed with turmeric powder, can help in many remedial effects. Also, warm milk helps you in relaxing. Even if these tricks don't work, then you can start reading to your bed. Reading is an excellent habit as it not just makes you an intellectual being but also helps in relaxing your eye muscles. Even if these home remedies are not making a difference, then it is better to talk to your doctor so that they can give you a short term sleeping aid as it is essential to maintain your sleeping cycle.

Pay attention to your body:

During the Menopause phase, your body goes under many hormonal changes. Few of these changes are like vaginal thinning and making it drier. These hormonal changes in your vagina can affect your sex life. There are many over the counter products which can help in these issues. The best way is to use water-based lubricants or vaginal moisturizers, which are easily available over the counter, and you don't even need a prescription for them. However, if you are looking out for some long term vaginal creams, then you must connect with your gynecologist first. The gynecologist can help in suggesting some pills, which can eventually help in removing the dryness down there and can reduce the pain while having sex. During the Menopause phase, it is essential to amp up your sex life because it can help in increasing blood flow, which will keep you healthy down there.

Hair fall:

Hair fall or hair thinning is a ubiquitous thing in Menopause. When a woman is near the time of her Menopause, she starts losing her hair faster, and the hair starts thinning. Sometimes the hair starts showing up in the places where one never wants them. The places like Chin and cheeks get filled with facial hair. To save yourself from these conditions, start using bleaching products that don't have harsh chemicals in them. Stay indoors and avoid going out in the sun as it could make your skin dry. If you start getting unwanted facial hair, then you can go for hair removal therapies like waxing or bleaching and even laser therapy.

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