Are You Suffering from Scalp Psoriasis or Is It Dandruff?

Have you noticed a silvery scale with red patches on your skin recently? Well, if you have piled up red patches or silvery scales on your scalp or the back of your neck or anywhere on your face then you might be suffering from scalp psoriasis. It is a condition that occurs due to a bad immune system. In this skin disease, your immune system starts sending faulty signals for your body and the skin cells start growing really fast. It is a condition that can appear anywhere on your scalp region. However, most of the people suffering from this condition have it on their scalp region and hence scalp Psoriasis is the most common skin condition that people suffer from.

Who is more likely to suffer?

It is a genetic condition which is not spread by touching or any physical contact. Scalp Psoriasis is not transferred from one person to another due to Physical contact. It is Hereditary and can be passed from one person to another in the family. Since it is a genetic condition, people should be aware of it and start taking precautions at the early stages itself. If you are suffering from scalp Psoriasis then there are 100% chances that at least one person in your family has this skin condition.

Symptoms and solutions: 

1: Plaque Psoriasis

The most common type of skin disease is plaque psoriasis. It is a condition in which the areas suffering from it become thicker and swollen. One can even observe red patches with well-defined edges on it. On top of these red patches, one can easily look at the silvery-white scales. They are very sensitive and knocking them off can cause bleeding in the area. Hence, people suffering from psoriasis should be careful while they are doing any kind of activity on their scale. It is very common for people suffering from this condition to bleed while they are at home or clean their hair. Hence, one should take extra sensitive care of it.

Solution: Plaque Psoriasis

The most common question that people suffering from plaque Psoriasis ask is what they can do if they are suffering from it. The doctors recommend using Salicylic shampoos that can actually help in maintaining or taking care of your skills. There are many other solutions available in the market who does the same task. The doctors also advise using high-potency steroids in the form of solutions or foams. One can also be recommended using creams or gels. The treatment is dependent on the severity of your condition. The creams suggested can be greasy and hence people move out to different options like clobetasol foam or a spray.

2: Dry and Flaky Scalp

Psoriasis is a condition in which our skin cells start growing faster the skin on the surface also starts growing at a rapid rate. This condition doesn't give the old skin to dry out and hence causes a pile-up of different skin layers. All this together induces scalp skin to Flake off. Some people mistake it as dandruff but in this condition, this flakiness is a silvery Sheen and appears to be dry scales. Dandruff is greasy, but it is completely dry and makes your scalp flaky.

Solution: Dry and flaky scalp

The best way to treat this flakiness or dryness is by using over-the-counter or prescribed methods. Try using products which include Selenium sulfide, or over the counter medicine. Whatever product you choose must be tar-based and should be made for the thin plaque. If you have thicker skills then try using shampoos with acrylic acid in it. However, before using any shampoo, you should consult your doctor because not every shampoo is suitable for everyone. Before buying the bigger pack go for a sample one and try it for a few weeks. If it doesn't work then try a different brand. Also, if you want to be extra cautious then try using medicated shampoos that are advised by your doctor. If you are using a regular shampoo or condition then it might not solve the problem. However, if you are suffering from dandruff then you can try these Simple Home Remedies To Treat Dandruff.


It is a very common and most difficult symptom of Psoriasis. It is very tough to control your itchiness as it can be a very intense one. Sometimes it is nonstop and you can even have a burning sensation. However, since we told you earlier that it is quite sensitive, scratching will only make it worst. Scratching can also lead to bleeding. However, bleeding is not the only severe condition, but this leads to hair loss and scalp infection too. Sometimes people suffering from psoriasis notice swollen lymph nodes on their scalp which is an alarming sign and this must be reported to the doctor as it can lead to several serious diseases.

Solution: Keep it cool and moisturized

The main idea is to keep your scalp cool and moisturized. The moisturization will keep the itchiness at bay and the coolness effect will suit your scalp. If you want to have both these things in the same cream all you need to do is stored the petroleum jelly or any ointments on moisturization provided by the doctor in the fridge. Before applying, do a test if it is cool or not. If the moisturization is cold enough you can massage it onto your scalp. This will help you in soothing your scalp and keeping the sensation to scratch away. It will also soothe out the redness or the swelling that could have appeared on the skin.

Always be cautious and seek medical attention in such skin diseases. Doctors are the expert and can help you in rectifying or ease out the condition.

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