Integrative Medicine

Cured Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is a form of healing therapy which combines conventional and alternative therapies with the aim of enhancing overall human wellness. As a rule, any alternative treatment used in integrative medicine must have some scientific proof or support as to its effectiveness. In other words, integrative medicine entails using the very best of both worlds for the good of the patient.

All three aspects of a person â€" body, mind and soul â€" are taken into account when administering integrative medicine. The most unique thing in integrative medicine is that the patient and doctor have to form a sort of bond and actually establish a relationship. This is in contrast to conventional medicine where patients often do not understand half of what the doctor is doing. This new approach makes the healing process easier and more effective.

Integrative medicine is offered on the understanding that there is a connection between the brain and the immune system. What this means is that a patient will manage any kind of illness better if they understand this connection. Every procedure taken in integrative medicine takes into consideration social, psychological and spiritual aspects of illness, in addition to the standard physical symptoms. Doctors consider all the factors that positively or negatively affect health, wellness and disease. The patient is then advised and encouraged to adopt practices that will enhance overall wellness and improve illness.

The key objective in integrative medicine is the use of a broader approach in disease prevention, treatment and promotion of health. While this combination therapy welcomes use of alternative medicine, they are embraced only after thorough scrutiny and establishment of sound scientific principles.

Integrative medicine is becoming popular among both health practitioners and patients. Although health experts are divided on its effectiveness, positive findings are coming out following research on the therapy. Many universities and hospitals have adopted integrative medicine, seeing it as a key factor in the healing process.

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