Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is a big part of pregnancy. Some women experience it more severely than others. Some women’s morning sickness may differ from the next. Morning sickness consists of nausea, and other symptoms. Symptoms can be rather mild or severe compared to other women. It just all depends.

Some of the causes of morning sickness include, low blood sugar which comes from the placenta that takes away energy from the mother, high levels of estrogen, sensitivity to odors, and an increase in the bile levels. These were just a few of the causes of morning sickness from an expecting mother. Women can actually end up with miscarriage if they do not have any type of morning sickness at all. Birth defects in unborn babies is also linked to the mother having no morning sickness.

There is no treatment for morning sickness, but there are some things women can do to ease or even lessen the symptoms. The smell of lemons can help with women and their morning sickenss. Women need to also try to avoid an empty stomach, have some type of agreement with food cravings, eat 5 or 6 small meals everyday, and eating vegetables and fruits where the water content in them is relatively high. Eating cabbage as well as dry crackers can also help with morning sickness. Some doctors even recommend taking Vitamin B6 along with Unisom sleep tabs to help.

Morning sickness definitely comes from pregnancy. Some women may not experience as bad as other women. It can be mild or severe, but all pregnant women should experience some type of morning sickness while they are pregnant. There are some remedies to try to lessen the symptoms of morning sickness, but if those don’t help, doctors can prescribe anti nausea medications to help control your symptoms.

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