Rosacea is a condition of the skin that is only seen in adults. It produces severe inflammation of the skin, as well as redness in your face. Sometimes people with this condition will notice small red bumps that have pus in them. It can definitely get more extreme if adults who have this condition do not treat it.

There are actually several things that can cause Rosacea. If you are someone who eats a lot of hot and or spicy foods, alcohol which only causes it to flare up, extreme temperatures, sunlight, hot baths, stress or anger, some blood pressure medications, and corticosteroids. Some of the symptoms that you may experience from rosacea can be red bumps that tend to be small, redness in the face, areas on your nose that are red and bulging, a burning feeling in your ears, the feeling on blushing easily, and blood vessels on your nose and cheek areas that are visible.

There are no tests that doctors use to determine if this is what you have. All doctors will do is base it off of the symptoms that you are having and give you a physical examination of your skin. Once you get rosacea, you cannot get rid of it all together. What you can do is get some time of medication to help relieve the symptoms that you ae experiencing. There are different topical medications that can be prescribed as well as oral antibiotics. You will have to change your lifestyle at some point. Surgery can be given for blood vessels that are enlarged. These blood vessels can most of the time, become permanent, and that is when surgery is mostly needed. Electrosurgery as well as laser surgery, can reduce the appearance of most of the blood vessels seen on you face.

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