Rotator Cuff Disorders

Rotator cuff disorders are inflamtion or damage to tendons around the shoulder.This may cause tendinitiis or burssitis. This may include a partial or complete tears of the tendon. This may cause intense pain or loss of mobility. There are a number of causes which may contribute to this disorder. Sometimes, it is age related and the tendons wear down. Other causes may be sports, especially if the arm is raised above the head in the activities. A severe blow or injury to the shoulder may also cause this disorder.

Symptoms include pain, weakness and stiffness . Usually this is felt on the front or side of the shoulder. Ice and rest are reccommeded. Surgery may be required to remove loose fragments of bone or to open up space to help relieve pain. This disorder is more common in people over age fourtybecause of constant wear and tear.The rotator cuff gets weaker with age. As it gets weaker, it is more likely to be injured even from simple movements. The weaker the tendon gets the more likely it gets that the tendon will either result in a partial tear or even a complete tear. When the tissues start to stiffen this may lead to scar tissue forming. This is called Frozen Shoulder.

Treatment for both disorders may include gentle stretching exercises followed by ice thearpy. Sometimes corticosteroid injections will be given at the site of the pain. Pain medications to help relieve inflamation are usually used. Phsical thearpy will most likely be included in the treatment plan.Corticosteroid injections at the stie of the pain may also help relieve pain and stiffness. The diagnosis is made by patients symptoms, range of motion, and RRI exrays to help determine how much damage there is in shoulder. If these methods fail to bring relief then surgery might be needed.

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