Did you know that chickenpox lies in the body in a dormant form? And that if it is initiated again it comes as shingles? Shingles is a painful rush that can occur anywhere on the body. It occurs as a number of blisters in your back, your chest and also the breastbone.

Shingles is a viral infection caused by varicella-zoster virus that lies inactive in tissues near the brain and spinal cord. Upon its reactivation, it shows itself as shingles. Though shingles aren’t a life paralyzing condition it comes with a lot of pain. That’s why you need to reduce stress because it is found to be a major initiator, and we will justify this argument shortly.

Stress especially chronic stress affects the immune system. When your body is exposed to stress, it changes the working of the immune system. The blood becomes thicker because of the increased adrenaline and cortical flow in the bloodstream. As a result more white blood cells are produced to go in line with the activities in the body. But since the body doesn’t have any ailment or injuries, the white blood cells begin to attack parts of the body including bacteria that work hand in hand with the white blood cells to attack diseases. Due to this the individual can get flue easily or a feeling of tiredness.

The result of the body being run-down or weakened cause’s chicken pox virus to be reactivated in form of shingles since the body becomes unable to kill the virus. The rushes that occur can last for a couple of days to months before the body regains full immune capabilities.

It is a fact that shingles symptoms can go up to years. So, it is important to try and relax yourself before allowing stress to take your life. Aloe Vera can be used for quick relief, but if it fails then the doctors will be of great help.


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