Snoring is a common problem for men who are overweight. It can affect anyone, but most people only snore occasionally and it is not a problem. For the man who snores every night it can cause many other problems. Although they think they sleep all night, they often wakeup very tired. Their partner also suffers from a lack of sleep. Although it is not a serious problem it needs to be addressed.

There are many reasons that cause snoring. The tongue can over relax and block the airway. As a person grows older, this is more likely to happen. Heavy men often have very thick throat muscles and that can keep the air from flowing smoothly. Tonsils and adenoids can also prevent air from getting into the lung cavity. The uvula causes most problems because it can form a blockage in the back of the throat.

Although the condition is more bothersome then serious, it can lead to a bigger problem called sleep apnea. During sleep the throat will close and cause a blockage. There can be long periods between breaths. Oxygen is not getting into the blood and the blood pressure starts to rise. This can happen several times during a minute. Often the snorer will kick one leg and be very restless. Most people are not aware this is happening. A partner usually points out the problem.

Sleep studies can be done on people who snore and have apnea. If they have a severe problem they will be given a c pap machine. It helps push air through the nostrils and allows a person to rest peacefully without snoring all night long. Insurance will often pay for the study and the machine. It can be life changing for the snorer and their partner. Snoring if often a simple problem, but the person who has apnea it needs to be taken care of.

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