Possible Reasons for Your Body to Not Tolerate Cold

cured Possible Reasons For Your Body To Not Tolerate Cold

Do you tend to become colder during the winters? Do you skip going out on cold days just because of the fear of catching cold-related diseases? Well, there are more reasons to understand that your body is not coming up with the outside weather changes and you must keep your eyes out and ears open to this discussion here. There can be varying reasons as far as feeling cold is concerned. It can possibly be due to the low BMI or less body fat also while also Inadequate sleep, Diabetes can be attributed some reasons too. Some conditions such as Anemia, Raynaud Phenomenon, Anorexia a well as Peripheral Arterial disease contribute largely to body temperature thereby making us feel more sick and cold. Thyroids also contribute largely to the same syndromes.

How is the Body Temperature Regulated?

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Our Body has a different and complex temperature regulation mechanism which involves different organs and the subsequent arteries.  The central portion of the brain, Hypothalamus acts as the internal thermostat which sends signals for controlling the heat of the body- whether to cool or raise the body temperature. It also sends signals to the thyroid gland to increase or decrease the metabolism which is key to body temperature. By regulating the metabolic rate, the temperature of the processing can be adjusted and hence it can adjust itself to the outer temperatures. Body fat also plays a role in keeping the body heat maximum and hence a low-fat body will feel colder. Any problem with these systems can also alter the body mechanism of adjusting the temperatures.

Let us check out other reasons playing important role in keeping the body temperature down:

Not Enough Sleep

Not enough sleep does not only lead to sore eyes and fatigue but also incomplete metabolism and hence no control over body temperature management. It messes the entire process of metabolism as it is linked to the sleeping order. Hence, sleep deprivation or the stress caused due to it has a direct link with both body metabolism and hypothalamus impacting body heat.


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This is a condition where the body goes through an iron deficiency in the bloodstream and that means the body yearns for better metabolism thereby leading to cold intolerance. This can often become intense when hands and feet remain cold at all times. The anemic body does not contain enough red blood cells needed to supply oxygen to the body tissues thereby depriving them of the metabolism required. The pressure over the remaining red blood cells increase and they become weaker and therefore the cold sensation remains in the body for a longer duration. For anemic people, they might also experience symptoms like tiredness, weakness, low levels of concentration and frequent headaches. If the conditions become worse, the patient might also experience a blue tinge in the whites of the eye, brittle nails, pale skin and shortness of breath. So, if you are experiencing such conditions, make sure that you get a proper check up with a doctor first.

Little Fat or Being Overweight

Both the conditions are not good as far as controlling the body temperature is concerned. Fats act as insulation for the body and they're over presence or absence defeats the very purpose for which they are required in the body. Too little fat in the body removes the insulator and makes the body cold. Similarly, a large amount of it can also make the body feel the tinge of cold. So, it is required that the body has some fat but not that much in order to burn it for a heart for the underweights (BMI under 18.5).

Anorexia Nervosa Syndrome

This syndrome is an eating disorder when people try to lose weight by actually starving themselves of food. While this is not the actual right way to lose weight, it can mean that the body sees less fat and result is the threated insulation. This unwanted attitude often impacts the body weight and fat and indirectly leads to lessened metabolism. Some other phenomenon also includes Raynaud Phenomenon, Arthritis, Frostbite, Smoking and others.




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