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Yoga is a world phenomenon now as also indicated by the United Nations as deeply engraved in our society and a healthy way to live. An hour of yoga daily can help keep our body and mind equally refreshed and nourishing also. Not only has it gained a superior place in the minds of the people of United States but also for different parts of the world too. Learning the Yoga Forms were never so easy compared to times when there were neither the availability of websites nor the magazines. Now, people can find best Yoga magazines at all the shops near them. Here is a list of best Yoga magazines and websites that you should refer to while thinking of getting into yoga –

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1. The Journey Junkie

This is one of the best-dedicated website taking care of its members. It is a dedicate yoga blog where the main author and yoga blogger Allie Flavio shows the various poses and asanas which must be done to attain a healthy life. It has some of the best tutorials combined with a step to step personalized training also. Here you can learn about various Yoga Asanas and the ways to complete them with the benefits too shared in the column. To find out the best of the Yoga Asanas, visit and read yoga blogs from Allie Flavio.

2. Do You Yoga

This is the largest yoga community in the world which brings to you the best of the yoga asanas in the simplest of the ways. It is a dedicated platform where not only yoga videos are uploaded but also personal training is given to the dedicated members. You can also purchase and practice any form of yoga classes for a cheap subscription and complete it at any time at your home. Here you can create a profile and follow your fellow yogis at apart from learning yoga asanas, you can also make a social community of yogis to learn more details about it.

3. The Yoga Journal

This can truly be called as the best yoga publication dealing with all forms of yoga. Whether it is yoga asanas, hathayoga or hot yoga asanas, it deals with all the forms. Often it is criticized about stuffing of advertisement, but it has some well-placed yoga asanas which are best to practice in order to shy away from any sort of disease. They also have a website which caters to video assistance in yoga asanas. You can even get free yoga resources including detailed information about poses and sequences.

4. The Yogi Times

This is an empowering yoga blog which caters to all sorts of news and inspiring content concerning yoga and poses. Apart from attending yoga classes here, the users will also have the luxury of getting information about the trends in the world of yoga. You can even make a local yoga community here to inspire yourself for the dedication. You can get specific information about yoga in your geographical location as well.

5. Yoga by Candace

If you are passionate about reading excellent blogs for yoga, this is the right place for you. Yoga by Candace is the right place where you can find excellently written blog posts about various yoga asanas. Check out some of the best yoga asanas and motivational writeups here to start doing yoga.



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