Health Benefits Of Tequila

Don’t believe everything you see on Facebook.  While tequila does have some health benefits per se, those promoted on social media are largely unproven.  Nevertheless, when it comes to a true tequila--look for "100% Agave" on the label--your own “research” might confirm these health benefits:

Tequila Can Help You Lose Weight

While drinking alcohol is not generally suggested to those trying to lose weight, there is a liquor loophole here.  The idea is to consume only enough tequila to benefit from the specific weight-loss properties of again.  Agavins are a specific type of sugar in real tequila.

Unlike agave nectar, agavins actually have a much less refined molecular structure which does not raise blood sugar levels.  Because of this unique quality, a significant quantity of calories goes through your bodily system unused.  (Other alcohol sugars, of course, are not as glycemic index friendly.)  Tequila also can stimulate your metabolism and help dissolve fats.


Tequila Can Stimulate Your Appetite

Experts report that a single shot of prime tequila prior to eating lunch can actually stimulate one’s appetite.  One shot after a big evening meal can aid the digestion.  It is recommended that each tequila shot is paired with a glass of water.  


Tequila Is Prebiotic

While the probiotic qualities are up for debate as the research has largely been conducted on rodents, real tequila is indeed prebiotic.  It does promote the growth of numerous beneficial microorganisms in one’s intestines.  According to a 2007 study by Mercedes G. López and Judith E. Urías-Silvas, the prebiotic qualities of tequila aid in making one’s intestines a more friendly area for healthy bacteria to thrive (when taken in small quantities).


Tequila May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetics may even a bit of tequila because the fructans in genuine tequila are reportedly non-digestible and act as fiber.  Therefore, it passes through the body stimulates insulin production and steers clear of dangerously spiking blood sugar.  (If you have diabetes, though, speak to your physician before regularly indulging though as each case can be different and reactions could vary.)


Tequila May Lower Your Odds Of Developing Dementia

According to BBC reports, individuals who consume tequila (and other alcohols) in moderate amounts have a lower incidence of suffering from dementia later in their lives.  Please note: the same study also revealed that those who consumed too much alcohol had higher rates of succumbing to dementia.


Tequila Helps Treat Insomnia

“One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!”  Yes, due to the “relaxing” qualities of tequila, it is reputedly able to aid in calming the nerves and may even help induce sleep for the sleep-deprived.  (Experts warn, however, that it is not good to become regularly dependent on any substance including tequila.)


Tequila  Doesn’t Give You A Hangover

Research reveals that this only generally applies to the “high shelf” “100% agave” tequila.  Cheap tequila may contain a filler.  In Mexico, tequila must be made from the blue Weber agave plant found in the Tequila region in the Mexican state of Jalisco.  

In the U.S., however, “tequila” may still legally be called tequila even if in reality it has as much as 49 percent of other ingredients such as sugar-based alcohols.  Thus, when you drink it you are automatically “mixing” your drinks and may very well wake with a hangover the next morning.

Please note that technically no alcohol is truly healthy.  Still, if you’re inclined to imbibe, tequila, in moderation, might not be a bad choice.  So, drink it like a Mexican!  Ditch the sale and lime and have one for me, amigos!  

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