Why You are Losing Your Hair

Whether you are going bald or have thinning hair there are a number of different reasons why you could be losing your hair. Hair loss is actually sometimes a result of a health problem which can be treated. Here are some of those specific health issues that could be the root of your hair loss.

Autoimmune Diseases That Impact On Your Hair
Alopecia areata, or patchy hair loss, is frequently linked to an autoimmune disease. Ergo, it’s believed that some types of hair loss are caused by certain diseases or at least directly related to it. Lupus and diabetes are two of these diseases that can cause hair loss. This kind of hair loss might not be reversible. Still, hair restoration surgery and medications may aid in dealing with the hair loss.

Diet: "Your Hair Is What You Eat”
A well-balanced diet provides all the nutrients and vitamins you need to ensure overall good health. Restrictive crash diets, fad diets or just simple poor nutrition can create numerous nutrient deficiencies in your body. This can, in turn, cause hair loss, be it mere thinning of hair or actual bald spots.

Emotional Stress
Life-altering events can play a part in hair loss as well. A bankruptcy, a breakup, a death in the family, a divorce, the loss of one’s home or similar financial issues can cause enough emotional stress to actually disrupt hair growth’s normal cycle. Once the stress is actually under control, however, normal growth of hair resumes.

Extreme Hair Care
You can actually damage your hair while trying to perfect your stylish, hip hairdo. Specifically, you can you can break and otherwise damage your hair strands which could, in turn, result in thinning hair and even hair loss. Blow-drying, heat styling, pulling it, putting into something like a “too-tight” ponytail or even too vigorously rubbing your scalp could also result in hair loss.

Hair Loss Due to Medications
A number of different drugs you may take for various common health issues have hair loss as a potential side effect. Blood-thinners, beta and calcium channel blockers, drugs for depression, NSAIDs and oral contraceptives can bring on thinning hair or even baldness. It can also be caused by the consumption of too much vitamin A or vitamin-A based medications.
Chemotherapy drugs employed in cancer treatment are also famous for causing the total loss of hair while destroying cancer cells. Once chemotherapy is over and/or once you stop taking the medication, your hair will grow again.

Infections That Cause Hair Loss
Several illnesses and infections can also cause hair loss. Bacterial infections such as syphilis, fungal skin infection or any infection that causes a high fever can also lead to thinning or balding hair. Future hair loss can be prevented and hair growth can be restored by treating the infection itself. Under these circumstances, you would naturally first consult your friendly neighborhood physician about the main health issue.

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