Why Babies sleep So Much

3 Reasons Why Babies Sleep So Much And Is It Good To Let Them Sleep?

If you are a newly mum, you would have noticed that your baby is sleeping too much. While seeing him sleeping for 7-8 hours is quite acceptable but a nap beyond 12 hours may trigger your inner emotions. You might be worried about such long hours of sleep and being a mother it is quite normal. But the question is – “why do newborn babies sleep so much and is this normal?”. If you are actually willing to know the reasons behind the long sleeping hours of newborn babies, stay tuned with us. In today’s blog, we will learn about some general facts that make babies sleep for super long hours.

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It helps them grow physically

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According to studies, bursts of growth hormone secretions are found in babies when they are asleep. This is a stage of sleep which is also known as slow-wave sleep, wherein babies have shown significant add-ons to their physical growth. Newborn babies who have attained significant levels of sleep during the first few months after the delivery are found to have gained more weight, height, and other physical development factors as compared to others who slept less. So, if your baby is sleeping too much, it’s not a matter of concern – unless or until it is beyond 17 hours a day. He is actually letting his body develop faster while delving into a slow-wave sleep.

It contributes to the Neurosensory Development

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Sleep is an important factor that develops the Neurosensory system of your baby. His neurosensory system is actually stimulated when he is asleep. This is known as endogenous stimulation which only happens during the sleeping hours. So, make sure you are providing him with a quiet and peaceful environment that does not hamper his Neurosensory Development.

They slept a lot inside your womb

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Have you ever thought about the activities that your baby did inside your womb? Recall the time when he was inside you. How many times a day did you feel him actually doing something -a kick, a small move, or series of strong moves? Only a few times a day, right? This is because the rest of the time he might be sleeping inside and he did so for 9 months. So, after the delivery how would he stay awake for long hours. He has learned to sleep and sleep inside the womb and after getting out he is actually doing what he has learned. For the first few days of the delivery, he could not differentiate the external environment and hence, assumed to be inside you. After some time, when he gets adapted to the new environment, his sleeping hours starts shuffling. From 17 to 15, 15 to 10, and 10 to 8 hours, his sleeping cycle goes through a series of fluctuation before settling to a fixed window.

In final words, if your baby is sleeping too much it does not mean that he is sick. It’s just that he is allowing his body to be developed fully from the inside. His sleeping cycle will shuffle and come to a comfortable window soon but for that, you will have to wait for a few months. But, if you find your baby sleeping excessively beyond the range that we’ve mentioned, get him checked by a doctor.

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