Lose Weight Without Dieting

4 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting or Going to Gym

Added carbohydrates with a widespread change in Lifestyle leads to people gaining weight these days. People symbolize weight loss with strict dieting and going regularly to the gym. Most people believe that if you have to shed weight, you must also leave some of your favorite foods too. But it is not always required on your part. There are ways and means in which you can lose weight without Dieting or going to the gym. You longer have to undergo boring diet routines or workout regimes or have to leave favorite foods too. Check here 5 super easy ways to lose weight without dieting or going to the gym.

Chewing Food Before Engulfing Them

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For most people, it might seem useless, but a research confirms that chewing has awesome benefits towards weight loss. The chewing habits of 16 lean and 14 obese were studied closely. It was found that although they had similar bite sizes they showed a higher rate of ingestion along with a lower number of chews. The researchers suggest that chewing one’s food gives the body enough time to secrete ghrelin, a hormone that tells your brain that you’re full. This automatically helps you eat less, thus making you consume fewer calories.

Shrink the Portion Size of Your Plate

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One of the ways to lose weight without dieting is to shrink the portion size of your plate. In this way, you won’t have to leave your favorite meal entirely and you can enjoy them too. If you take a large plate, you will definitely add on more foods which are not wanted for the body. You will end up eating more calories than you really need. So, make the plates smaller itself. Drink a lot of water after eating so that you don’t want to eat again or take another portion. Similarly, when pouring out beverages, pick thinner, taller glasses to make your drinks look bigger. Eat small and Eat smart!

Never Skip a Breakfast. Have Sumptuous Breakfast

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People often tend to skip their breakfast and hence take lots of lunch resulting in oversizing. Besides this, the stomach remains empty for virtually 12 hours leading to acidity. you need your metabolism to be at its best if you want those calories to burn through the day. After a long night’s rest, it’s not just you who needs to wake up, it’s also your metabolism that allowed itself to slow down while you were sleeping. Skipping it can lead to sluggish metabolism throughout the first half of the day. It will cause the blood sugar levels to drop drastically. And then suddenly you would have the urge to eat something which contains more sugar. So, here’s the deal. Have a fulfilling breakfast so that you don’t have to eat a lot of foods until your lunch.

Say NO to Carbonated Drinks

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Carbonated drinks tend to disturb the metabolism a lot more than anything else. They contain lots of sugar which are unhealthy for health and causes the disturbance to the body. these drinks also tend to increase the blood sugar levels in the body. Even the ones that claim to be “diet-friendly” and “zero calories” are evil. They are loaded with artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose. They disrupt the body’s ability to estimate the energy intake. Subsequently, it leads to overconsumption and increase in weight and health ailments.

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