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5 Hairfall Myths You Should Start Ignoring

Hairfall has been a major concern for most of the women but do we know that there are some myths that have nothing to do with hair fall but we still blame them for every strand of hair that falls from our head? Want to know what are they and how they are not the ones to be blamed? Be with us in this article and know about 5 hair fall myths we should start ignoring NOW!


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Migration is usually called as one of the causes of hair fall. If you are migrating to a new country or city or traveling to some other part of the world, it is assumed that the migration and the change of water will make your hair fall. This is a myth that you actually need to ignore. Migration never causes hair fall. It’s the stress of unable to adjust to a new place that affects your hair. So, if you are relocated to a new city and wondering the water might make your hair fall, you are wrong. Try to adjust to the new environment and stop taking the stress. You will see that the hair fall is a thing of the past.

Frequent Head Washes

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Most of us are advised not to wash our hair frequently. We are asked to have a head wash only once or twice a week as excessive head wash can cause hair fall. Head wash never make your hair fall unless or until you are not pulling your hair tightly. So, keep your hair fresh and clean and have at least 2 head washes in a week. Remember, we said at least two head wash which means you can go for more without even caring for the hair fall.

Conditioning or Oiling

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No oil or conditioner can harm your hair as they aren’t meant to do so. If you are using a good quality conditioner or oil, they will always help you with goodness. And, if you see some hair in your hands while applying the same, it’s not the hair fall but the extra hair that were about to fall either due to tangling or breakage. So, do not blame it on the oil/conditioner.

Chemical Treatments

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One of the common hair fall myths is that the chemical treatment always results in hair fall. No doubt, the main purpose of such chemical treatments is to give you something trendy and unique look but it does not mean that your hair have to sacrifice their health for this. You are not going to lose the volume by applying any chemical treatment – be it a keratin treatment or hair coloring.

Hair Fall and Age

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For hair fall, age has never been a factor. If you think that aging can make you like a woman with a scanty hair, you are wrong. Look around and you will see that there are some women who 70+ and have fuller and shinier hair as compared to teens. So, aging does not make your hair fall, but the diet and above-mentioned factors can be.

Final Words

These are a few hair fall myths that we tried to unfold in this blog. Let us know how well you relate to this. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and we will revert in no time.

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