5 Vaginal Questions You’re Too Afraid to Ask

Do you have a vaginal question on your mind that you are afraid to ask from the gynecologist? If yes, let us help. Stay tuned to this blog and we will unfold some of the most asked vaginal questions right here. Know what are they and how normal it is to have such questions unanswered.

Can a vagina tell how many men have used it for sex?

Practically, it is not possible. Vagina is an elastic organ that do stretches out during sex, but being elastic in nature, comes back to its normal shape and size after the sex. It stretches out to give space to a penis and once you are done with it, it takes its original shape again. Apart from this, it cannot tell you how many men have used it for sex or how many times a woman has surrendered her vagina to a man.

Why does my vagina smell so bad?

Vaginal discharge is quite normal as it indicates that your vagina is actually getting a cleanup. The natural vaginal fluid is odorless but if you are getting a fishy odor down your vagina, it could be a sign to get it checked by your gynecologist.

Why do my vagina often get acne?

Acne in vagina is not common but if you find so, it could be because of the wrong techniques you used for pubic hair removal. To avoid this, stop using razor and opt for a waxing. You will feel a difference soon.

Why do my vagina fart during and after the sex?

Vaginal fart is technically known as “Queefing” and it is quite common during a sexual intercourse. It happens because of the air that gets trapped into your vainal during the sex. There is no way to stop or avoid it so the best way to deal with Queefing is to laugh at it and focus on what is important – the sex.

Can I ever lost my tampons inside the vagina?

The answer to this question would be a big NO. This is because of the structure of the female anatomy that does not allow any object to let lost in a female body. But, things can get stuck in your vagina and they are the tampons, condoms, menstrual cups etc. To take them out, you will have to insert your fingers and may require to visit your gynecologist.

I feel an urge to pee during the sex, why?

When a penis enters your vagina, it inserts a small pressure to your bladder as well. Due to this mild pressure, you may feel an urge to pee. To avoid this, you must empty your bladder before going to the bed. In the second case, if you are feeling a strong urge to pee during the sex, it might be because of your wrong assumption. Maybe you are misunderstanding the vaginal ejaculation and female orgasm as an urge to pee.

So, these were a few vaginal questions that most of the women wish to ask their gynecologist but could ask due to n number of reasons. Hope you find this blog informative. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us.

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