Dental Health Tooth decay is preventable

Dental health plays the major role or the indicator of the individual overall health. According to the researchers Most of the Americans enjoying total oral health by taking proper care; they keep their natural teeth till their lives. Though cavity in the teeth is the most prevalent chronic disease in children and gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis are quite common among adults in the United States. Both can be stopped or symptoms can be lessening by taking proper care of teeth’s. In the early stage of gingivitis bacteria in plaque buildup on the teeth; plague is an invisible, sticky substance develops on the teeth. It causing gum inflammation and bleed during brushing. If proper treatment is not done then gingivitis usually precedes periodontitis but all gingivitis does not proceed to periodontitis. Other than this there are other dental diseases includes canker sores, fungal infections, mucositis, oral leukoplakia and oral cancer and much more.

According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA, gum diseases affects approximately 14% of the people aged between 45 – 54 years. Similarly cold sores are common in adults and affect about 19% of age between 25-44 years. For the several decades, due to advance dental healthcare the percentage of people visited to doctor had been decrease in the United States.

Causes of tooth decay

If proper care has been taken, teeth can last ones life time. Neglecting dental health, personal habits like smoking and chewing tobacco are the main cause of mouth and gum problems like mouth cancer and more. The main cause of the tooth decay and gum disease is plaque; certain food contribute to plaque formation as because of the food particles deposits bacteria keeps multiply and form a sticky, colorless substance called plaque and when the plaque is not removed by proper brushing it hardens and is called tartar or calculus. A high sugar and starch diet eventually result in tooth decay other than that soft drinks also damage teeth by eroding tooth surfaces. Due to deep cavity bacteria enter into the pulp and cause infection inside the tooth, which in turn result into abscessed tooth. Broken tooth or using teeth as tools leads to damage the enamel on the tooth which in turn damage filling. Other than these other reasons includes not getting proper fluoride, dry mouth, canker sores and much more.

Prevention and treatment

A destroyed tooth cannot be regenerated but it can be prevented by using appropriate and timely treatment. Dental caries is done to preserve the tooth and prevent complications like pain and gum disease. A dentist generally removes the decayed tooth by drilling and restores the cavity by filling silver, gold, porcelain or composite resin. If the decay is extensive crown are used to preserve the teeth. The decayed portion of the teeth is removed and repair using the cap fitted over the remaining tooth. Cap is made up of gold, porcelain or silver material. In case if nerve dies from decay; A root canal treatment is recommended. Other treatments includes scaling, root planning, acupuncture and herbs like clove, borage seed oil are some of the ayurvedic treatment helps to lessen the tooth problems. For many people quit smoking and tobacco chewing habit helps to lessen the problem of tooth decay.

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