Ear - Types of ear diseases

Ear has three main parts: Outer, middle and outer. Sound waves come in through out ear; reach middle ear where they make eardrum to vibrate. Then the vibrations transmitted through three tiny bones called ossicles, in the middle ear. The vibrations travel to inner ear, a snail-shaped organ and the inner ear makes the nerve impulses that are sent to the brain resulting brain recognizes them as sounds.

There are different diseases that can affect the different parts of the ear some could lead to pain and discomfort or serious hearing problem. A Boil or furuncle is a small bump, grows in the ear canal due to bacterial infection caused by break or damage in the skin. It is painful and itchy and if it gets burst produce discharge. Generally it goes off with time but sometime antibiotic may be needed along with painkiller. There is another disorder that affects the inner ear is known as Meniere’s disease. The person is suffering from this disease may have recurring attack of disabling vertigo or dizziness, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus, hissing or roaring sound in the ear. There is no specific drug that combat motion sickness and nausea may be prescribed and sometime dietary change and stress management techniques may also be recommended.

Otomycosis is an external ear infection caused by a fungus. Inflammation, flaky, scaly skin and discomfort in the ear canal are some of the symptoms appear in the person. Antifungal and oral antihistamines are generally prescribed to get relief from the disease. Tinnitus is characterized by a ringing in the ears sometime it get resolves own its own but there are common sound therapy and stress management therapy recommended to get rid of this disease. There are some ear injury occurs due to change in air pressure such as Barotraumas; this is usually experience by a person due to sudden change in altitude such as scuba diving or airplane etc. It starts with the popping sound in the ears followed by pain, dizziness and in some cases hearing loss may occur. Yawning, chewing or swallowing helps to relieve the pressure from the ear. Vestibular Neuritis is caused by viral infection and resulting into inflammation of the inner ear. Vertigo, mild dizziness accompanied by vomiting, mild hearing loss, pain is some of the symptoms that may appear due to this infection. Presbycusis is usually occurs among people of age between 65 and older. It is starts with high pitched sounds like chirping birds, phone ringing and followed by hearing loss. Doctors generally prescribed to wear the hearing aids to stop further damage. Some time there is growth of small pouch and cysts occur in the ear and sometime cause the paralysis of facial muscles and dizziness may occur. It can be treated with antibiotics or sometime infection may be removed surgically

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