Fibroids - Tumor is Benign

Fibroids are nothing but abnormal growth or tumor made of muscles and other tissues that developed in Uterus. In 99 percent of cases tumor is benign and not associated with cancer. They range in size from pea size to softball or small grapefruit.

Symptoms and causes

Women generally are unaware of that they have fibroids they do not experience any symptoms but there is one out of three women may suffer backache, frequent urination, leg pains, constipation, swelling in the lower abdomen, anemia and much more. According to the experts there is not known cause of fibroids. Women during pregnancy are at a risk of developing fibroids because of the high level of estrogen; fibroids may get swell. According to studies even the scientists are not sure that whether women who have children are less prone to fibroids or due to fibroids women having infertility problem. Obesity and heredity may also be the factors of developing fibroids.

Diagnosis of fibroids

Fibroids may indicate an irregular size and shape of the uterus and found during the routine pelvic examination with an abdominal examination,  Diagnostic procedures for uterine fibroids includes X-rays, ultrasonography, MRI ,hysteroscopy,  blood test and many more to get the internal view of the organ.

Prevention and treatment

As the women approaches towards menopause, most fibroids stop growing or may even shrink, the health care provider may simply suggest "watchful waiting." With this approach, the health care provider monitors the woman's symptoms carefully to ensure that there are no significant changes or developments and that the fibroids are not growing. In some women treatment is necessary whose fibroids are larger and are causing significant symptoms. Treatment of the fibroids depends on the overall health and medical history and extent of the disease. Generally Hysterectomy and Conservative Surgical therapy are the two treatments recommended for the women as hysterectomy involves the surgical removal of the entire uterus on the other hand in case of conservative surgical therapy physicians remove the fibroids leaving uterus intact for future pregnancy. There are other treatments or therapies like Gonadotropin – releasing hormone agonists, anti hormonal agents, uterine artery embolization technique and anti-inflammatory painkillers suggested by physicians.

There are some home remedies also recommended to get rid of fibroids includes castor oil pack, applying oil pack on the abdomen stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory system and increase the lymphocytes and thereby reduce or eliminate disease causing toxins from the body. Chasteberry, it is also known as Vitex agnus castus. It is an excellent herbal solution lower the estrogen level and reduces inflammation. Studies indicate that green tea having a compound named Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) it helps to inhibit the growth of fibroids and there are many more herbal remedies which help to cure or lessen the fibroids.

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