Best and Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Part 2

Dieting isn't an easy task to take on, yet with consistent hard work and sheer determination, the outcome can prove to be beneficial in a variety of ways. Comparing weight loss programs is the first step to discovering that quite a few are out on the market; finding a suitable plan involves reading up on what each plan has to offer, its restrictions, and collective results in terms of success. The following effective diet plan for Weight Loss is merely a sample of what to expect when entering the world of weight loss programs.

Effective Diet Plan for Weight Loss - Jenny Craig Diet Plan

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In existence for over 25 years, the Jenny Craig diet plan involves three different levels: food, mind, and body. The initial stage entails getting clients to eat the same foods they normally eat, but to do it in smaller portions and more frequently. The second phase deals with physical activity; Jenny Craig customers can increase energy levels by starting out with simple exercises and slowly increasing them, thus building stamina and consistently boosting endurance. The final phase consists of achieving a continuous balance from applying the principles of the previous two levels, helping to maintain desired weight by means of a healthy diet. The food itself is precooked, pre-packaged, frozen, and ready to heat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are all included, yet these food items should be supplemented with fresh fruits and/or vegetables.

Things to Eat under Jenny Craig Diet Plan

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The main objective with the pre-packaged meals is to familiarize clients with portion sizes, but also to become accustomed to counting calories effectively. In addition, the people at Jenny Craig want to wean their dieters from the frozen food packages and get them to start preparing meals on their own, but also to be sensible when dining out. Jenny Craig offers individual counseling and guidance by gathering information such as height, weight, and personal goals for desired outcomes. The Jenny Craig diet plan has no known side effects. The most common disadvantage for the program's clients is making the transition from pre-packaged food to measuring the content of their own meals. Like the Weight Watchers diet plan, the Jenny Craig method has proven to be effective over the years, and the same principle applies that it may not be suitable for all dieters.

The Grapefruit Diet Plan

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For those who may be interested in dropping weight quickly, the Grapefruit Diet is a low carbohydrate, high fat intake formula. A few different versions of the diet exist, yet most of them claim that grapefruit dieters can lose 10 lbs. in 12 days. This diet is also calorie restrictive, allowing 800-1000 calories per day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all include an 8oz. a glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice, and a choice of only one after-dinner snack: an 8oz. a glass of non-fat milk. Unlimited meat or fish is a staple of the diet, as well as 64 ounces of water per day. The grapefruit itself supposedly contains an enzyme that, when combined with protein, helps to shed weight quickly.

Things to Eat under The Grapefruit Diet Plan

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There is no scientific evidence to validate this claim; however, other research indicates that regular meals accompanied by a 4oz. a glass of grapefruit juice with each meal can produce these results over a 12-week period, rather than 12 days. This type of diet is not recommended for long-term use. Even though many medical experts concur that the grapefruit itself is enriched with vitamin C, fiber, and beta-carotene, the Grapefruit Diet can be misleading as a cure-all for dieters.

The Bottom Line

Dieting can become a tricky endeavor, especially when comparing weight loss programs. What works for some dieters may not work for others. Losing weight in a healthy fashion usually happens over a period; expecting instant results can be a discouraging factor that usually leads to disappointment and frustration. Those who are serious about dieting and staying healthy throughout the process may want to become educated on nutrition and proper eating habits. A seemingly countless number of physicians recommend a diet that coincides with the different food groups displayed by the USDA food pyramid chart. The aforementioned diet programs offer some or all of these dietary "dos and don'ts," and it is up to the individual dieter to exercise common sense in terms of maintaining a healthy diet. Eating right and exercising regularly appear to be the best combination for living a long, healthy, and happy life.


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