Everything You Need to Know on This World Malaria Day 2020

Malaria is a curable disease but it claims a life every two minutes. The root cause of this is the incomplete knowledge that we possess about malaria. The first thing all should know is that Malaria is a life-taking disease. It is actually a deadly disease that is transmitted via infected mosquitoes. The Anopheles mosquito is the one that carries the plasmodium parasite and when the mosquito bites us the parasite is released into the bloodstream. Once these parasites are inside the body that travels to our liver and after several hours they will start destroying our blood cells. Within a tenure of 48 to 72 hours, the parasite multiplies itself in our red blood cells which starts busting are blood cells. The parasite will continuously infect blood cells which results in taking a life. The symptoms start appearing after 2-3 days the cells get infected. It usually happens in the tropical and subtropical climate where the parasite can survive. In 2016 there were almost 216 million cases in 91 countries. These facts have been published by the World Health Organisation. World Malaria Day is celebrated to mark the achievement we had over curing this disease.

Causes of malaria

The basic reason why Malaria occurs is due to infected mosquitoes. The mosquito which carries a plasmodium parasite can infect you with malaria. Four kinds of malaria parasites are:

  • Plasmodium vivax

  • Plasmodium ovale   

  • Plasmodium malariae

  • Plasmodium falciparum

Falciparum causes the deadliest Malaria. The Malaria caused by this bacteria has a higher risk of taking a life. Even an infected mother can pass on Malaria to her newborn. This kind is known as congenital malaria. Malaria is basically transmitted by the blood and hence if someone is going for an organ transplant or a transfusion and if one shares a syringe or needle still they have a risk of getting infected by this disease.

Symptoms of malaria

The symptoms of malaria occur after 10 to 15 days when the mosquito bites. The signs of Malaria are very much similar to the symptoms of a cold or flu. Hence it is quite difficult to detect in the first few days.

The symptoms occur after or within two weeks especially if the infection is by the vivax parasite.

The people who are living in areas which are more prone to malaria cases sometimes become immune because they have been exposed to this virus throughout their life.

The only way to detect Malaria is by a blood test. The basic symptom is a high fever along with sweating and chills. Other symptoms of malaria include:

  • Headache

  • Diarrhea

  • fatigue

  • Body ache

  • Lose of red blood cells

  • Kidney infection

  • Seizures

  • Blood in stool


How to detect a malaria

It is quite easy to detect malaria by taking a blood sample. It is very much important to get yourself diagnosed for Malaria if you are living in a tropical condition or you might have faced any of the above-mentioned symptoms. Malaria can only be detected by a physical exam and many of the signs are supposed to be verified before other blood tests are taken. If someone shows any symptom of Malaria the doctor may also advise some more blood tests so that they can have a complete report of the diagnosis. During the Malaria your liver enlarges and swells up. Hence it becomes very much important to get yourself diagnosed for this life-threatening disease. The blood test will make certain revelation like:

  • Are you suffering from malaria

  • What type of malaria is there

  • What parasite caused the infection

  • If Malaria has caused anemia or not

  • Are your vital organs been affected by it

It is very important to know the aforementioned things so that the doctors can take necessary actions and give you the necessary treatment.

How is Malaria Cured

World Malaria Day is celebrated because we have been able to cure this life-threatening disease. If one is affected by the parasite falciparum then the treatment becomes quite difficult as it is resistant to many of the antidotes and is the deadliest of all. The best way to get cured is to get yourself admitted to the hospital so that doctors can treat you well and keep a watch on you. Sometimes the doctors are unclear about the infection as the parasites are resistant to certain drugs. Hence when you are admitted to hospital the doctors may run multiple tests on you and then give you the perfect medication. There are certain types of Malaria that directly affects your liver and may harm it. Hence, it takes some time to reactivate your immune system to retrieve the organs. 

How to Prevent Malaria

If you are traveling to the areas where the conditions are more prone to malaria then you should always carry the antimalarial tablets which need to be prescribed by your doctor. These medicines are given after looking at your medical history and your age. If you are going to certain medications that may not react well with these antimalarial medicines then the doctor might not suggest you take them. Hence before traveling one should make sure that they are taking proper precautions when they travel to search countries.


  • One should always prevent themselves from mosquito bites. If you are sleeping somewhere between mosquitoes then you should avoid sleeping in that place. Even if you are not sleeping amongst them still you should always carry an insecticide-treated net.

  • Wear socks and shirts with long sleeves. It is important to cover your body so that mosquitoes don’t bite you. The whole idea is to protect yourself from getting bitten by any mosquito.

  • There are so many mosquito repellents available in the market which are made for your clothes and your skin. Ensure that you apply them over your SPF so that you are safe when you go outside.

  • Ensure that your doors and windows are properly closed and there are proper next so that mosquitoes don’t get in.

  • Ensure to spray a mosquito repellent in your entire house at least once or twice a day.

  • The young children and pregnant women are very much susceptible to malaria and hence they should avoid traveling to the Malaria Hotspots.

On this World Malaria Day let's pledge to keep ourselves safe and prevented from malaria and to take all the necessary actions if we are diagnosed with one. We all need to take care of our health so that we can have a better and healthy life. If you are diagnosed with Malaria then corporate with the doctors and take the proper medications as it is a life-threatening disease. Also, keep yourself protected from it because it is always said that prevention is better than cure.


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