Reasons Why Ayurveda Encourages Spending time in Nature

Per Ayurveda & various other theories, Nature itself is a healer! You’ll realize the magical power of nature once you start sitting in nature without doing anything at all. Everything around has become so hectic pushing you through all the time that there has to be a way out for self-care. 

Ayurveda says, there is an unseen healing power in nature. You can sit in nature and feel loved and nurtured inside out. The fresh air, trees, plants, the chirping of birds, and all that nature constitutes have an amazingly inspirational effect on your mental & physical health. 

Nature magically inspires every part of your being! Every day at least for once, sit around amidst nature, in the sun, around the blossoming flowers - you’ll feel rejuvenated, revived & revitalized.

Ayurveda encourages enjoying the healing power of nature for a qualitative living. Ayurveda says - when you sit in nature, you get an opportunity to connect to nature and to your real self (who you were born. Being in nature, per Ayurveda brings us into the rhythm of nature that we humans have inherited. 

It resuscitates those elements of nature we are made of and awakens us to those inherent qualities like love, compassion, affection, patience, trust, and peace. Here we have listed out some reasons why Ayurveda encourages the camaraderie with nature. Let’s see:

  1. It strengthens your Immune System.

It is good for the health of your immune system to sit outside in nature for at least half an hour every day. Being indoors all the time can be thwarted to your immune system. While the coronavirus lockdown phase has all forced us to remain under the closed door of our homes for quite some time - it’s time now to dedicate at least a small part of your day outdoors in nature. This will definitely help with rebuilding your immune system and keeping you mentally & physically strong. 

Per a study, it has been revealed that being in nature increases white blood cells, which in turn helps boost the immune system. You’ll be surprised to know that a walk into nature can keep you healthy all throughout the day. You must often plan trips into the woods, into the heart of nature to rejuvenate your soul. 

  1. It helps you Recognize the unseen support of Nature.

You don’t realize the power of nature and the impact it can have on your physical & mental well being. Per Ayurvedic theory, spending time in nature gets you to develop a wonderful connection with nature’s different elements including air, water, fire, earth & space. We can only feel the existence of these elements inside if we have felt it enough outside both mentally & physically. In our upcoming article, we’ll talk about the three doshas that Ayurveda talks about - Vata, pitta, and Kapha, these doshas define our body types or our individual constitutions. We’ll know more about how nature can create a balance within all forms of doshas. 

  1. Relieves you from all forms of stress. 

Per Ayurveda and various other theories - spending time in nature relieves you from stress. The world we are living in today is full of ups and downs. There are external & internal forces that are constantly trying to pull us down creating stress. Under such circumstances, it is evident to get mentally & physically stressed out. Increased levels of stress lead to increased blood pressure, depression, obesity & other mental & physical health issues. While it is important to manage every situation mindfully to avoid stress - a few mental and physical activities can have a tremendous impact on how you sail through the sea of everyday life - spending time in nature is one of these techniques. 

No matter which stage of life you are, spending a part of your day in nature will help with relieving stress. When you sit into nature, the level of cortisol, the stress hormone decreases to a considerable amount and you feel a sense of contentment. Researchers have established that the lowered cortisol level remains for a considerable amount of time. It reduces the stress level making you feel relaxed & rejuvenated. 

Some other reasons why Ayurveda encourages spending time in nature are: 

  1. Spending time in nature reignites & stimulates the creative mind inside you.

  2. It brings you the courage to take risks & manage it mindfully.

  3. It helps you focus better. 

  4. It inspires you to develop a healthier lifestyle.


The wisdom of Ayurveda defines nature as the most amazing healer ever! If you have not ever thought about the extremely healthy benefits of spending time in nature, it is high time you should include this healthy habit in your daily life. With the prevailing situation when the world is still fighting the pandemic, it is important to maintain social distance, wear masks, and use sanitizer while you g out. 


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