How to Cure Indigestion Naturally

cured Indigestion Naturally

You know how weird the feeling of indigestion is. That creepy feeling something heavy on your stomach, the strong desire of getting into the loo but coming out without dumping, the bloating that makes you wear loose clothes are some of the reasons why we hate to get indigestion. No matter what the cause is, the good thing about indigestion is that it can be cured easily. It is not a serious issue unless or until you have not fallen into the prey of some life-threatening diseases like those of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), ulcers, or gallbladder disease. So, if you usually see your stomach bloated and heavy from the inside, we have got you covered. Cure your digestion naturally with the natural remedies given below. Know about what they are and how to use them and cure indigestion naturally.

Natural Ways to Cure Indigestion

1. Take small meals so your stomach does not have to work as hard. Instead of eating 3 big meals, take 4 to 5 meals in smaller portions and help your stomach digest it properly.

2. Eat slowly so you can chew efficiently. Most of the time, it is the unchewed food that becomes the root cause of indigestion. It is simple, if it’s not your teeth that works harder, it will have to be your stomach.

3. Stress has been the root cause of several diseases and indigestion is no different for it. The more you stress, the less punctual will be your meals. In short, you will bear the pain of indigestion. If stress is a trigger, try managing it using new ways such as relaxation and biofeedback techniques.

4. Do not exercise immediately after your meal. Exercising with a full stomach can affect the digestion process and result in indigestion. So, make sure to give at least 1-hour gap between your meal and the exercise.

5.  Include some probiotic supplements in your meal. Probiotics are good bacteria that help you improve your gut health. So, if nothing works, go and try some probiotic supplements do it for you.

6. Instead of saying yes to the munchies, try a cuppa.  But not coffee, try some tea instead. Having a cup of chamomile or ginger tea at the right time of the day can help with digestive upset. If you do not like the taste, make it delicious by adding a little stevia to it. You can have a cuppa either with or after your meal to cure indigestion naturally.

7. Massaging has been the solution to many problems and indigestion is no different. You can get a nice blend of four to five essential oils and rub it on your whole abdomen. The results may not be immediate, but you will feel better. The most common essential oils that are known for addressing digestive problems are peppermint, ginger, fennel, and anise seed.

These are some of the natural ways to cure indigestion. Hope this will help you deal with indigestion problems. Do not forget to share your thoughts with us. Till then, stay tuned, stay healthy.

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