Possible Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Cramps but No Period

Cramps are not always related to menstrual cramps. There may be some other reasons behind the pelvic cramps followed by no period. If this is something which is stealing your good night’s sleep, let us help. Keep reading this post and know the probable causes of cramps which may or may not relate to periods.


You may have a fibroid or cyst in your uterus

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Unexplained cramps or pelvic pain may indicate the presence of a serious uterus fibroid or cyst that needs immediate attention. It may also indicate a tumor in one of your reproductive organs, and hence becomes a matter of concern. Hence, if you are experiencing a severe pelvic pain including cramps but no period, you should get yourself checked by a gynecologist as soon as possible. Depending upon the intensity and regularity of cramps, she will suggest you go through some tests before coming to any conclusion.

It may be a sign of UTI

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While UTI is normally referred as an infection causing a constant need to pee or burning sensation while peeing, it may come in other forms which can be harder to diagnose. Severe pelvic pain can also be caused if tiny ducts located in your vagina get infected. Once infected, they start filling with pus and begin to stretch and stimulate the muscles around it. This stretching of the pelvic muscles may make you feel like period cramps. While you were stressing about your periods, your body starts getting infected from UTI.

As a result of chronic bloating

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Please note that here, we are not talking about a normal bloating but a chronic bloating that can push some air to hurt your abdominal walls. The constant hurting of abdominal walls by the varied pressure of air gives you a feeling of period cramps. You assume this pelvic pain as period cramps but they are actually a result of the food that you had last night.

You just released an egg

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In the mid of every menstrual cycle, the ovaries of a female body release an egg which looks for a male sperm to get fertilized. The sudden rupture of eggs from ovaries may give you a dull or sharp cramp and you may assume it to be a period cramp. So, the next time you get a cramp but no period, look at your monthly calendar and if it’s just the mid of your cycle, stay calm. It will go away in a few hours. Nothing to worry about!

You might be pregnant

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If you are expecting your periods but only getting cramps on your way, it may be a sign that you are pregnant. In this case, cramps are just an indicator of something new is happening inside your body. The uterus is preparing itself for a new life and the adjustments made by it may give you a cramp like feeling. Good Luck!

So, these were a few reasons for getting cramps but no periods. Was it helpful enough? Do let us know in the comment section. 

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