Stay Sweat Free In Summers With These Handy Tricks

It's that time of summer when traveling in public places becomes harder as there are many people who over sweat and which in return makes them smell really bad. If you are such a person then welcome this blog is for you. The sweat patches are no doubt very embarrassing but what’s more embarrassing? Smelling bad. In the day to day life, it’s very important to have a pleasing personality and smelling good ads to it. There are people who enter the room and the room lits up with their pleasing fragrance and you can’t simply stop yourself from asking what perfume they use.

Also, sweating causes a lot of bacterial problems too and you may suffer from rashes during summers the only relief you have is in winters. 

Hyperhidrosis is the term coined for this condition. It may hurt your psychologically as you start feeling embarrassed in social gatherings. It may be caused due to diabetes, stress or the kind of clothing you wear. You need to diagnose yourself first to get to the root cause of this issue. 

There are many lab tests that you can undergo and discuss with your doctor. He may suggest you few over the counter medicines like gels, sprays and some tablets. 

There is no way you can prevent this condition and that’s the reason we are not giving any suggestions too. However, during this condition, your body excretes lots of water and that can leave you dehydrated. You need to ensure that you keep yourself dehydrated to avoid sunstroke or sunburn. If you keep your body healthy then the only cure you would require would be to heal your soul. 

Before taking any further medication or natural remedies you should be aware of the type of Hyperhidrosis you are facing. It may be primary that can be cured by natural remedies or the secondary that requires medical attention. 

We are here to give some hints about the natural remedies that you could use to prevent the over sweating. Firstly we want you to understand that it is very normal to face this condition and you should not let yourself feel degraded or take unnecessary medicines from the pharmacist without a doctor’s prescription. The major cause of excessive sweating is stress. 

In today’s world, we get stressed out on every little thing and this contributes to us falling into depression. Most of the cures of this condition are stress relieving to give you the lost confidence back. These remedies will take time to heal you but with their regular usage, you can actually heal your lost confidence too.

Use antiperspirants

Ditch your favorite deodorant or perfume and start using Antiperspirants. You can try the mild one first for a patch test and if it suits your skin you can even go for the stronger ones with a major amount of aluminum chloride in it. The antiperspirants are best used at night after shower. You need to apply it on your underarms when they are dry. Applying it on sweaty skin can cause rash or irritation. It may not give you a great fragrance but will keep the sweat at bay. It lowers your secretion and hence the sweat patches can be avoided too. 

It is advisable to always carry it with you and whenever you get time and restroom you can clean your armpits, dry them out and apply it. It may sound funny to many but keeping personal hygiene should be your priority. 


Yes! Shaving or getting your underarms waxed is always a good idea. It does not just protect you from the embarrassment of sweating but also the unshaved underarms are the biggest turnoff for anyone. Also, the gels and sprays can't help you much as the hair follicles refrain a lot from absorbing the medication. Also, you need to make sure that you don’t apply any antiperspirants to the skin immediately after shaving as it can cause irritation. Hair holds moisture and this, in turn, makes the odor more prominent. Hence, if you are suffering from excessive sweating you need to keep your underarms clean as sometimes it is the only reason you sweat more and give a foul smell. 

Let your body cool off and dry

It is very important to let your body cool whenever you take a shower or come from outside you need to take some time to cool off. Once your shower takes some rest and gives your body enough time to dry naturally and then get dressed so that you feel fresh and dry all day long. This could help you sweat less and the OTC gels and sprays would work better on your body. 

Change your food choices

It's always better to eat right and keep yourself fit and healthy. The food choices you make have a great impact on your lifestyle. The greasy foods will obviously make you sweat more and may even make your stomach upset. It is always believed that if we are healthy from inside then more than 90% of diseases stay away from us. The possible foods that you must avoid are:

  • Ice cream- Yes! We feel bad too but you need to avoid it dearly if you want to keep yourself away from the sweating. 
  • Garlic and onions are something that is known for spoiling your date and any social interaction. Hence, it is better to avoid them. They do not just give you bad breath but also a foul smell to your sweat. 
  • Fats are good for your body but not in an excessive way. If you are overweight you may sweat more than others as it becomes very difficult for your body to circulate blood and digest what you eat which eventually heats you up and you sweat a lot.
  • Alcohol is not good for your body, there is a long debate about the health benefits of it but the side effects are obviously more. You can not run back from the fact that it harms you internally and the kidneys too. It also is the biggest contributor to diabetes which makes you sweat more.

The clothing choice

Summers are meant for cotton and more breathable fabric. Our ancestors were very logical and they knew that wearing breathable fabrics during the summers is the best way to stay healthy during this time. Loose-fitting clothes and the fabrics that keep your body cool and dry is the best investment you can make as they absorb the moisture and sweat and maintain your body temperature. It helps in keeping you away from the blues of sweating and smelling more. 


Rubbing this citrus food on your underarms reduces the sweat and also keeps you away from the sweat patches. You need to rub the slices and with its regular usage, you can actually see the difference. The vitamin C in it helps in the removal of dead skin cells and the moisture that gets trapped in the hair follicles is also removed. An added advantage of using it is the tan removal. Yes! Its bleaching properties help in the removal of tan too. 

Avoid drinks that make you hot

The reason our body sweats a lot is that we don’t maintain the body’s natural temperature. Caffeine and other drinks that you sip in make your body warmer and your heart starts beating faster. This eventually kick-starts your body mechanism and you start sweating a lot.

Hence it is advisable to avoid caffeine if you want you can take a cup or two in a day but not more than that.

Baking Soda

Yes, folks, it is quite an impressive remedy as all you need to do is to make a paste of baking soda honey and lemon and apply on your armpits this will help in absorbing the extra moisture and cleaning it properly. It also controls your body sweat and regulates it. You can apply it before a bath and see the magic for yourself.

Apple cider vinegar

It is the miracle you need to keep in your kitchen. You can add a few drops of ACD in your bathing water and this will help in killing the germs. 

Instead of avoiding the situation you should take the necessary steps and this will help in keeping the odour at bay. You just need to make very few lifestyle changes to avoid this embarrassing situation. The remedies that we shared are easy and cost effective and you can gather the products easily from your kitchen. However, you need to first get yourself tested by a doctor to know how severe this condition is. 

Once you get to know the reason behind your excessive sweating you can take the necessary cure. We hope your summers are sweat and odour-free and you skip the embarrassment you faced previously in the social gatherings.

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