Avoid the Embarrassment of Forgetting Things with These Tips

Did you just forget your anniversary and it is very easy for you to even forget important birthdays and events? Well, these are very common errors that every human makes. Our brain is designed in a way that we only remember the important information. All this important information is saved in a section of a brain so that we can recall it again and again. There are times when a person even forgets the name of someone they made just 5 minutes ago. When you are going through such a situation don't feel embarrassed or something is wrong with you but try talking about it with someone. Then all you need is a break in our day to day life and the stress is taking a toll on our mental health. Hence to avoid yourself from getting embarrassed due to forgetting important events or try using some tricks which would come handy. The best thing you can do is to be present in the current scenario with all your brain.

When not to worry

There are a few things that are really hard for everyone to remember like getting the name of a person you just met at a party or remembering each and every detail of your entire day. Our brain has only a limited amount of storage space and remembering each and everything becomes quite difficult for it hence it makes room for the Useful information for the information you want to remember. Will the algorithm that decides Useful information is your current Presence of Mind. Imagine sitting somewhere and instead of listening to the person you are communicating with if you are focusing more on the wine glass or the decor of the restaurant then your brain will remember the decorations because that's where you were more focusing on. Hence it is completely ok to forget some important appointment or a meeting or a date. It is a very common disorder that each and everyone faces in today's scenario. Since digitalization has taken a very important place in our life we are forgetting to use our brain instead we are no more dependent on digital things. Like setting alarms or just forgetting to even remember search details.

However, we have some interesting tricks on our sleeves that we would like to share with you so that you never forget an important thing again. This will help you in getting more organized and will allow you to remember minute details of your entire day.

Getting organized

If you leave your belongings Messy then you are obviously going to find it heart to see them again. Hence it becomes very important for you to get organized in your day to day life. For example, you can use a key hook for all those keys and dedicate them to an entire drawer for your important memos or phone or charger. Always keep the things at the place from where you took it so that it becomes easy for you to Grab them whenever you want.

Write it

Our brain recalls each and everything that it has written. Hence the best way to remember the phone numbers or birthdays or anything that you want to recall later just write it down.


Just like we send calendar invites for any important meeting start making a calendar for the important appointments and family events too. Whenever you make a plan with someone make sure you market right away in your calendar so that you don't forget it.

How Lifestyle can affect your memory?

Lethargic lifestyle can also affect your memory. Our diet plays a very major role in our memory. If we include more cholesterol than we are grown towards blood pressure and blood sugar. The blood vessels around our brain start getting damaged and cloaked. Hence our brain gets weaker and we tend to forget things. People who eat more saturated fat have the worst memory in comparison to those who don't. Hence if someone makes better Lifestyle choices then it becomes easier for them to remember more things. Also exercising at least 30 minutes a day will help in keeping your brain more fit. When we exercise on a regular basis the blood flow to our brain becomes easier and our brain starts keeping up the details of our daily activities. When you exercise your body functions also increase and your sleeping pattern becomes normal. When you get a night of good sleep your body and brain will get the right amount of rest. To sleep better one can try ‘Easy home remedies for treating insomnia

Age affects your memory too.

Age plays a major role in your memory. While you age you start losing a lot of memory cells. This explains why you are sharper in your 20’s than the ’50s. The best way to remember things and keep your brain functioning is to meditate and include brain exercises in your daily routine.

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