7 Ways You Can Improve Your Memory Naturally

Good memory is God’s memory! You don’t realize what is poisonously making your memory weaker every day. Failing to find a reasonable answer, we tend to blame our FORGETFULNESS to a hereditarily acquired trait or something that existed when you were born.

But, there are underlying logical reasons that could relate to your physical body or the mental state of mind that has been causing this condition. And, there are very potent, powerful & permanent ways to improve your memory naturally.

Dealing with the day with a poor memory could be frustrating. However, it is crucial to know that it is absolutely normal, and everyone has to go through this phase. With the kind of busy life and no time for wrapping around the head, contemplating on the important aspects of life — moments of forgetfulness is fine.

While genetics is an important aspect of memory loss particularly in case of certain serious neurological ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. But, diet & lifestyle changes have an important impact on improving your memory. Let’s find out what lifestyle & diet changes we can bring about to improve memory naturally.

How to Improve Your Memory Naturally:

  1. Get Adequate Sleep

We, especially learners & students are forced into believing that with long hours of work & only a few hours of sleep has made many people BIG & INFLUENTIAL. But, that is not true — maintaining a balance is the key to success. Because health is the 

For adults sleeping as many as seven to nine hours is essential. It is important for your brain to get adequate time to take rest & rejuvenate. Sleeping helps you consolidate your memories, which you can recall down the road. You must get enough sleep and make it a priority.

Many researchers have revealed that improper sleep is associated with poor memory. On the other hand, adequate sleep helps in consolidating short-term memory, which results in improving brain functioning.

If you are not sleeping well, it could cause long-term memory loss. This is the reason that most employees who work in the night shift tend to make more human errors than those working in dayshift.

  1. Eat Less Added Sugar.

Another important recommendation when it comes to fortifying memory — is eating less added sugar. Adding too much-added sugar to your daily diet could cause too many health issues & various chronic diseases. It can also cause cognitive decline, and it can reduce brain volume leading to poor memory.

In fact, keeping your diet healthy could be an important way of improving your memory for a longer period. A healthy diet is essentially a part of keeping the brain sound & healthy. Cut back on sugar, and add fruits, vegetables & other whole grains in your daily diet.

  1. Make Time for Meditation.

Practicing meditation can affect your health positively in many ways including your memory & can strengthen cognitive health. It helps your body in a number of ways — reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, keeps your focus & improves memory.

researchers have established that the brain contains something we call Gray matter, which further contains neuron cell bodies. When we age, gray matter numbers start decreasing, which impacts memory negatively.

Meditation is a mental exercise that increases gray matter in the human brain thereby helping with keeping memory strong for a longer period. Various relaxation techniques along with meditation can be really helpful in improving short-term memory in people falling under all age groups including elderly & children.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Whatever works so far we have talked about in improving memory is one or the other thing related to better health. And, another technique also falls under a similar bucket which includes maintaining healthy body weight. Maintaining a healthy body weight not only helps with improving memory, but it will also keep your body & mind healthy.

Per various studies, it has been established that being overweight can cause your cognitive energy to decline to a level where Forgetfulness starts becoming frustration in your everyday life. Obesity makes negative transformation in the memory associated-genes.

In addition, it can lead to causing inflammations & insulin resistance further impacting the brain functioning negatively. Also, obesity is associated with developing Alzheimer’s disease, which slowly deteriorates memory.

  1. Get Your vitamin D Levels Tested.

Vitamin D is an extremely essential nutrient for different functioning of the body. Vitamin D deficiency leads to an array of health issues including hampering your cognitive strength. Per a study, people with vitamin D level less than 20 nanograms per ml have got their cognitive strength & memory way deteriorated faster than for those who have normal levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin-D deficiency is also associated with developing dementia. Vitamin-D deficiency is essentially more common in people with dark skin & in people living in colder climatic conditions.

You must keep a check on your vitamin D level & get tests done regularly. For vegetarians, as there are only very few sources of vitamin D, they must spend some time in the sun every day, which is one of the best sources of vitamin D.

  1. Exercise More

Move your body as they say — is the cure to the thousand of diseases. Exercising is important for the overall mental & physical health of the human body. Exercising regularly into a standard time frame can essentially help with improving the cognitive strength & memory in people of all ages including adults & the elderly.

Even exercising regularly for 10 minutes on a daily basis can improve cognitive performance tremendously across all ages. Exercising leads to the secretion of neuroprotective proteins, which further help in improving memory naturally & brain health without any use of medication. If you tend to develop a regular habit of exercising then you’ll have a decreased risk of dementia.

  1. Learn a New Skill.

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learning never exhausts the mind”, it is an absolute truth. Learning does not exhaust, in fact, it nurtures your brain & enhances your Cognitive performance.

Learning is a kind of meditation. It keeps your brain engaged in purposeful activities keeping it at bay from useless distractions & stress. Every time you are feeling directionless & stressed, learn a skill & you will start your brain feeling stimulated.

Learning new skills gives you direction, focus, impetus & a sense of overall well-being. When you develop this wonderful habit, you’ll definitely see improved memory & strengthened cognitive strength.

The Bottom Line.

It is simple. Improving memory is not rocket science. There are simple & fun ways to improve cognitive performance naturally. Enjoy your sleep (adequate sleep), exercise regularly, eat healthily, often learn & maintain vitamin D level as needed — and you will have your memory improved. Inculcate these habits in your daily life & you’ll enjoy an improved memory & improved cognitive strength. 

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