7 Acidic Foods You Must Limit in Your Diet

Too much intake of acidic foods can lead to lowering the pH level of your body. In fact, acidic food can have too many unusual implications for your body. They can cause serious health issues like kidney stones, cancer, and can cause hindrance in the liver’s detoxification functioning.

Acidic environments are favorable for the growth of cancer cells — know that, if you are eating too much acidic food — you could be at the risk of developing cancer cells.

In addition to that, acidic food can also lead to a reduction in bone density. This happens because when the blood’s pH becomes too acidic, the body extracts calcium from bones to neutralize the blood leading to a reduction in bone density.

Acidic food can also cause disturbance to your stomach — particularly in people who have stomach ulcers or acid reflux. It has been found, that in some people, acidic food can also cause canker sores, especially in those areas where there are already any tissue injuries.

However, you do not need to completely avoid acidic food, but limiting their uses can be beneficial for your health in a number of ways. To help you with this we have compiled a list of foods whose uses must be minimized.

List of Foods You Must Limit in Your Diet:

  1. Dairy Products.

Although Dairy products are essential for our body for its calcium content, but its unhelpful mineral ratio can acidify the blood unusually. Minerals are required by your body in a certain defined ration.

Talking about dairy products, they contain both calcium & phosphorus. Our body needs a calcium & phosphorus ratio of 2.5 to 1 and the cow milk has a ratio of 1.27 to 1. That means we are receiving an unbalanced ration of the two.

Experts say that phosphorus prevents calcium absorption in the small intestine making the blood too acidic. Therefore, your body will extract this calcium from bones to nullify the effect and prevent blood from acidifying too much.

On the other hand, coconut milk or almond milk is way less acidic than cow milk.

  1. Nuts

When metabolized nuts are less acidic than animal products, and therefore are a way better source of protein (with respect to the acid-alkaline perspective). But, they are mildly acidic, and you must limit their uses. Up to 20% and less than that in your daily diet would do.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is highly acidic in nature, and it can cause the alkaline mineral like magnesium to completely disappear from the body when metabolized. For people whose bodies are prone to digestive system disorders due to acidic food can suffer aggravated stomach aches due to acidic foods.

  1. Refined Sugar

Refine or white sugar is highly acidic. Foods like pastries, muffins, white bread, candies, and other fast foods are extremely acidic in nature. You should make sure to limit the intake of such foods. In most of the convenient foods these days, refined sugar is a common phenomenon, and that is why most people develop high blood pH levels.

Now and then we are used to taking processed foods that are too acidic. If you are someone who cannot do without sweet foods — eat honey maple syrups, sweet potatoes, and more.

  1. Coffee

When metabolized, coffee intake would require the release of various minerals from the body as it is highly acidic in nature. However, all coffee forms are acidic, yet there are some of them that are more acidic than the others based on how they are brewed & roasted. You can use those forms of coffee that are less acidic and have not been prepared using too many chemicals.

  1. Vegetable Oils

Some vegetable oils like sunflower seed oil are mildly acidic and its uses must be limited. However, the essential fatty acids content is good for the body but is not required in high amounts. To make sure that it does not have an impact on the pH of your blood, the healthy fat in your diet must be reduced to 20% of the daily diet.

  1. Eggs

Eggs being rich in uric-acid forming purines have also been placed under the list of acidic foods. It is very much important to limit the intake of eggs and if that’s not possible (in case advised by your gym trainer or physician) you should increase your daily consumption of alkalizing foods. Choosing organic & cage-free variety is always good — because of its high nutrient content.

Limit Acidic Food Intake.

The best way to quench the effect of acidic food is to eat a lot of alkaline foods. Vegetables, fruits & other alkaline foods will balance the negative effect of acidic food on the body. And, not only fruits & vegetables will help with neutralizing the effect of acidic food, but they also provide necessary minerals & vitamins for your body. Cut down on acidic food & increased the intake of more and more alkaline foods.

“He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”

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